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My Favorite Drugstore Eyeliner

I've mentioned these eyeliners once or twice before in favorites posts, but thought it was about time they got their own post! I've been using Revlon ColorStay Eyeliners ($7.49) for quite a while now, long enough to grow a baby collection of them. I have "Black", "Blackberry", and "Black/Brown" and they're all very consistent in quality. I tend to use them to tight line my upper lashes or on the lower lash line. They aren't excellent at lining the upper lashes as they just can't move all that smoothly across the lid. They do work, I just prefer not to use them there. They last a very long time on the lower lash line and I love the range of colors they have. They all seem very wearable and I actually really enjoy using "Blackberry". I've never been one for color eyeliner or mascara, but these liners are the exception!

Have you used this eyeliner before?

xoxo Kayla

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  1. haven't heard much about these eyeliners but always want something that makes the eyeliner on my tight line and lower lash line last a bit longer - they sound great xxx


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