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Almay Smart Shade Perfect & Correct Primer

When I saw the Almay Smart Shade Perfect & Correct Primer ($12.99) sitting quietly on the shelf of my local drugstore, my mind immediately went to the Stila One Step Correct Primer I've been lusting over after hearing gh0stparties talk about it a couple of times. I scooped up Almay's much cheaper version in the hopes I would fall madly in love and never think of the Stila offering again. Now I think about it more than ever.

A first testing pump of the Almay primer onto my fingers left a watery mess of separated product. There was a purple runny blob not mixing well with the green blob. I overlooked this initial (honestly pretty gross) pump and "cleaned out the pipes" so to speak with a few more pumps over the trash. I finally got the product coming out as a more unified mass and it gave me enough confidence to smear the stuff on my face.

It didn't go well. Well, it didn't go bad, but it definitely didn't feel good. The product sunk into my skin and left it feeling off. My skin was slightly sticky to the touch and I could definitely tell I had put something on my face. Usually when I put my beloved Benefit "That Gal" brightening face primer on I feel instantly better. Like I had rubbed away my tired skin and am starting to look like a human. The Almay primer honestly felt gross. And shiny. And didn't cover up my blotchy red cheeks at all. There was no correcting and definitely no perfection.

I'm disappointed because I really had hoped I could stop my lusting after the Stila One Step Correct and live happily ever after this this cheaper option. Now I just have to get the Stila offering unless anyone has any other comparable suggestions!

xoxo Kayla


  1. Ugh what a disappointment! I hate when you get excited for a product only to be disappointed. To be honest- I can't remember the last time I tried and loved an Almay product, though. I should give it a few more chances, but I'll stay clear of this
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  2. This looks a lot like the Stila primer but it seems that the similarities end there! How disappointing xx

  3. Almay doesn't appeal to me ever. :/


    1. I really like their eyeshadow trios but this was just a bust!

  4. Stila often runs sales on their website, so if you're not feeling the price, wait for it. I got mine at 25% off about a month ago. I was not a believer in "correcting" products until I tried the Stila corrector! No watery mess at all. :)

    Melissa | M is for Melissa


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