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Finding My Personal Style

After watching this video and reading this post I really started to think about my wardrobe and my personal style. It was a mess. I still had clothes from middle school taking up space in my closet. Although they still fit, I hadn't worn them in years regardless of telling myself they'd come in handy. I needed to take a nice long look at my wardrobe and make some big girl decisions about my personal style.

Large trash bags in hand I went at that outdated closet with no forgiveness. Two overflowing bags later and gone were the crop tops, ill fitting tops, and sweaters who had seen the wash too many times. I took out each piece and asked myself these questions

1. When was the last time you wore this?
2. Does this fit the persona you want to convey with your clothing?
3. Will you wear it in the next three months?

If I answered no or I'm not sure to any of the questions it went into the donation pile where it firmly stayed. While doing this weeding out I really starting to see my personal style emerge. Before this mass clean-out I didn't know what my style was. To me it was somewhere between girly and vintage without clear defining lines. As hangers became empty though I really started to figure it out. I'm still trying to define it in words myself, so maybe you all can help. It's a professional chic style with girl next door influences. 

I have a few ideas of posts where I'll showcase some signature pieces in my wardrobe and talk about my personal style a bit more. I've also determined I'm going to try and avoid getting sucked into trends from now on. I'll embrace more budget-friendly options like accessory trends, but buying cameo/military garb because it's in will just result in those pieces being tossed into another donation bag. I'm going to stick with what I know I like, and add accessories or small details if I'm interested in following a trend.

What would you say your personal style is? How do you go about keeping your wardrobe up to date? Any suggestions on what to call my style?

xoxo Kayla 

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  1. I've always thought I had my own style. I never have known what to call it because it's kind of all over the board of things that are current and things that are old!

    I have a problem with holding onto old clothing!!


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