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Maybelline Limited Edition "Dare to Go Nude" Color Tattoos

These babies were not easy to come by let me tell you. After first hearing about this limited edition line from one of the beauty YouTubers I decided it would be nice to get my hands on one or two of them. So I popped into my local Rite Aid and nothing, not even an empty stand. A Walgreens was nearby so I figured I'd try there, still nothing. Another store proved empty as well. Now of course I wanted them even more than before. I felt like I was hunting down rare Pokémon or something. I did some research and found that most people had success at CVS, but the closest store was a good thirty minutes away from me. I called up my sister who lives in southern Michigan and asked for her help. I also asked a friend who lives close to CVS's to go on the quest as well.

What a quest it was. My sister ended up finding three of the four I now needed to have. My friend wasn't successful in her quest, but I was still feeling pretty good about myself. I had outsmarted the allusive "Dare to Go Nude" collection and came out with almost all of them I wanted. I had taken the photo of my three gems and the day I was going to write up the post I had to get groceries at Meijer for the upcoming week. Wandering past their makeup aisles I suddenly spotted a stand with the "Dare to Go Nude" collection with all of the six shades. One giant quest and having friends and family help feed my addiction and then there they were basically mocking me. So logically I picked up the final one I wanted.

So on to the actual color tattoos. I picked up "Pure Nude," "Sleek & Spice," "Nude Compliment," and "Beige-ing Beauty" ($6.99 each). I wasn't interested in the caramel color one or the black one (plus I've heard reviews that the black one is a major let down on the pigmentation/application front). The color pay off on all of them isn't stellar, and I definitely think the original and metal lines have better pigmentation that these do. However I think the point of this line is to have very natural looking eyes.

"Beige-ing Beauty" is a nice light, soft gold color that looks incredible on the lid. "Pure Nude" comes off the lightest of the bunch and I'm definitely going to be using it more as a lid primer than for eye shadow purposes. It's a toss up between "Nude Compliment" and "Sleek & Spice" as to which one is my favorite. They're both incredibly similar with only a few little differences between them. "Nude Compliment" is a tad warmer toned than "Sleek & Spice" but their pigmentation is almost identical. "Sleek & Spice" is very similar to the permanent "Bad to the Bronze" which I've raved about to death here. So if you're having trouble finding these then I would just pick up "Bad to the Bronze" and call it a day.   

Overall I'm happy to have these limited edition color tattoos in my collection because I'm in love with this line, but was it worth the epic quest? Probably not. If you're a color tattoo lover like myself it may still be worth it to find some of these for your stash, but I don't think it'll be the end of the world if you let this collection pass you by.

What do you think of the limited edition "Dare to Go Nude" collection? Will you be picking some up for yourself?

xoxo Kayla


  1. These look beautiful, I received "Nude Compliment" in a recent American Beauty Swap I did and it's the prettiest nude shade ever - I love it!

    Heather | porcelainbeautyx

  2. all of these look so pretty! i want them all! xx

  3. I really need to look for them at the drugstore! They are so easy to apply and look so expensive!


  4. Thanks for the review! I would love to see color swatches. I never have tried color tattoo but I haven't wanted to. What is your opinion in general on this brand? I have been looking for a cheap, good quality, cream eyeshadow.


  5. Ooh these colours are right up my street! xx


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