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NYX Butter Glosses

For someone who is adamant about not liking lip gloss I find myself buying my fair share of them. I love the concept of them, but have never found any to convert me over to the lip gloss ways. I've heard nothing but great reviews orbiting around the NYX Butter Glosses ($5 each) and thought what the heck. Let me say that I'm glad that I gave them a go.

I picked up "Eclair" (left) and "Vanilla Cream Pie" (right) because they were different enough, but still in my comfort zone. The pigmentation is just amazing for a lip gloss and they stay very true to the color from the tube. They still have that slightly sticky lip gloss feeling though, but I've had much worse so I'm not overly bothered by it with these. They're also very thick, but in a good way. They aren't goopy or build up in weird places on the lips. They also last ages. Usually lip glosses are long gone in around an hour, but these don't budge for quite a while. 

I'm also really drawn to the packaging. I'm positive that's why I put them in my cart when I saw them the other day. Plus there was a buy one get one 50% off sale which never hurts. They're cute, small things but don't look like you're typical lip glosses. Good job NYX setting them apart!

Although I'm pleasantly surprised by the butter glosses I'm happy with just these two. I'll always be a lipstick lover, but it's nice to see that there are some lip glosses out there that can hold my interest!

Have you tried the NYX butter glosses before? What shades did you get?

xoxo Kayla


  1. I've never really been a lip gloss fan but I love these, I only have the shade Eclair but I will definitely be adding more to my collection :)
    xxx Claire

  2. I have all of the shades of these, I love them so much, I tend to gravitate toward the peachy shades for the spring and summer time. I think apple strudel might be my favourite of the peachy tones. I also love Merengue which is the only purple tone for the spring as well as a pop of colour! Great choices, I love these two shades for any time of the year on top of any lippie!

  3. I absolutely love them. My favourite is Apple Strudel. I also have Cherry Cheesecake and Peach Cobbler.


  4. I have heard so many positive things about these, so really need to buy one to test them out!

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick


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