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Rings & Other Lovely Things

The lovely people over at Rings & Tings just keep the goodies coming! I really enjoyed the products from last month so I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this next package. Rings & Tings is quickly becoming a favorite spot to do some alternative jewelry shopping, that's for sure. First up is my favorite piece of the bunch, the Vintage Style Telescope Necklace (£3.50)*. As soon as I saw this beaut I let out a squeal of excitement. It's the perfect buddy for my Vintage Gold Trojan Necklace. I can't get enough of these vintage style pieces that really snazz up a regular sweater.

Up next is the Vintage Charms Bracelet Set (£3.50)* which are probably the most delicate bracelets I've ever owned. They are very dainty, but I still think they're fairly sturdy and aren't at a risk of breaking super easily. They'll be a nice set to pair with a few other bracelets. 

On to rings which has becoming quickly my favorite part about these posts as they always have the most intriguing rings! The Crystal Clover Ring (£3)* is even prettier in person. It's dainty, sparkly, but not overly ostentatious on the finger. The stones seem pretty secure and I have yet to have any Rings & Tings jewelry turn my fingers my fingers funny colors. It took me ages to figure out what the Double Bear Head Ring (£3)* was supposed to be and I still think it looks more like Micky Mouse ears than anything else. It's cute but not my favorite. I like that it's a flat design though as I tend to catch a lot of my rings on things throughout the day. Finally, my favorite ring of the bunch is definitely the Minimal Bow Ring (£4)*. I'm not one of those girls who is overly obsessed with having bows on everything, but I do enjoy a nice bow accent. It's a bit small so I'll have to wear it on my pinky, but I do not mind at all.

What piece is your favorite from the bunch? What types of jewelry have you been wearing lately?

If you're interested in picking anything up from Rings & Tings, be sure to use the coupon code "STYLECARD10" for 10% off your order!

xoxo Kayla


  1. Aww, I love the cute necklace and bracelet dainty and cute! Danielle x

    frontière girl

  2. That telescope necklace is so adorable! I love Rings & Tings jewelry :)


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