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Correct & Incorrect

Although these primers make look alike, that's where the similarities stop. I've written a full review on the Almay Smart Shade primer if you fancy a read so I won't go into too much of a rant over how crappy it is in this post. I much rather talk about the better of these two lookalikes anyway. 

The Stila One Step Correct ($36) is what I hoped the Almay offering would be but failed miserably. The Stila offering produces a nice light blend of the three ribbons and they blend together to look more like a tinted moisturizer or BB cream in color and consistency. It has a smell, but nothing I can put my finger on or is off putting in any way. It smooths into the skin effortlessly and produces a really nice base that feels like you aren't wearing anything. 

It's a perfect starting point to put on a foundation on top of it. I've also worn it on its own for a very minimalist look. It honestly looks like my skin, but without the usual redness or dullness of my skin without makeup. It's what you want in a primer, and it could very well beat out the long reigning Benefit "That Gal" primer as my favorite. Definitely worth the price and I'm glad I didn't stop after the Almay one went so horribly. 

Have you tried either one of these primers before?

xoxo Kayla


  1. I had no idea the One Step Correct is a primer.. I've always picked it up off the shelf to look at the nice ribbon blend of colours but had never looks further into it.. shall have to try this out on my next trip to Boots! Oh Kayla, you are so bad for my purse! x

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita

  2. That Stila primer looks so neat! I love Stila - they never fail to impress me. Definitely going to pick that up next time I'm at Ulta or Sephora.


  3. My sister just got this, I have awful redness on my nose so I definitely will give hers a try. I like the idea of using it alone as a very natural base for day to day wear!


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