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First Impressions: May Ipsy Glam Bag

Sigh. Just when I thought Ipsy was on the up and up they release this confusing, weird bag and I'm back to feeling "meh" about them. Apart from not being able to pronounce half the names, the bag is filled with products I'm just not interested in. The shadow duo is chalky and not overly inspiring, I never get excited about sunscreen, and the hair mask has a weird smell. The only thing I even remotely am interested in is the Calvin Klein "Endless Euphoria" perfume. I'm happy that they didn't give those crappy perfume samples and provided a substantial amount with a roller ball.

Sigh. What were you thinking with this one Ipsy? Be sure to watch the open bag video to see all my confused expressions and first reactions to opening this month's Ipsy Glam Bag!

xoxo Kayla


  1. I've never heard of this beauty box before!


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