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Perlier Honey Meil Royal Gold Elixir

When the small package containing the Perlier Honey Miel Royal Gold Elixir ($99)* fell on my doorstop, my curiosity had definitely been peaked. I had looked into the product as I waited for its arrival, and it definitely talked a big game. Made in Italy with honey from African bees, the facial serum is said to" stimulate collagen production and provide vital nutrients and anti-oxidative properties to the skin." The price made me determine that I would be a very tough critic. For $100 this stuff better be sent from heaven.

Like most skin care claims, I'm not sure if this serum does all that it says it does, but it is downright decedent. It's the most luxurious product I've used. The packaging is lovely. Heavy, but not annoyingly so and sturdy yet sophisticated. The product itself is a creamy consistency that blends into the skin flawlessly to leave incredibly soft skin and a radiant glow. It doesn't feel satiny though like a lot of face primers do. I'm definitely not a fan of the common face primer feeling but this serum gives that soft base without there being a layer or something on the skin. Plus the smooth feeling lasts ages. I still had a soft back of my left hand three days after my first test of the product.

The serum can be used both day and night and I do just that. It provides a lot of moisture to my dry morning skin and helps to round out my evening routine. My dry skin isn't letting up although winter has finally packed its bags and I've been loving how hydrated my skin feels after using this. And it smells amazing. A mix of floral notes, honey and other things I could never explain as I've always been terrible at describing scents. I'm obsessed with how the serum smells though. I usually am not fond of how skincare smells (apart from the delicious orange scent of Origins GinZing moisturizer of course) and don't expect much, but this sets the bar at a whole new level of heavenly scents.

The biggest downfall is the price. It's an amazing product, but I still don't know if I could justify $100 no matter how in love with it I am. However there is a lot of product in the bottle and I'm sure the serum could last at least six months. I'm definitely going to continue enjoying this skincare gem for as long as I have it!

What are your favorite serums to use? Would you try this serum?

xoxo Kayla


  1. That packaging is incredibly beautiful from the box to the actual casing the serum is in! The price is definietly a little up there but this product sounds wonderful! I like the fact you mentioned it doesn't make it feel like you have extra on your skin...I can't stand the tacky feeling!

  2. If you love it that much and it does last six months then I think it might be worth it to keep around! I have used some hemp moisturizer recently and it does a great job of lasting a long time but i HATE the feeling, I cant touch anything for 10 minutes till its completely soaked in or rubbed off. This sounds way better!

  3. ooh that sounds wonderful!

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