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Polishes that Please

I'm one of those people who go through phases where I'm switching up my nail polish almost every other day. There are also bouts where I go weeks without putting anything on my nails. Lately it's been the former, wanting to have every polish on my fingers at once so I'm changing things up frequently. I find that what I'm loving lately has also strayed away from the typical spring shades, and I'm enjoying every second of it.

First up is Essie's "Vested Interest" ($8.50)/ This has been on of my favorite polishes since I got it sometime last fall. It's a lovely denim blue shade that's fuss free to apply. I always eye it whenever I open up my nail polish drawer but know I need to give other polishes a chance every once in a while. I've had Zoya's "Odette" ($9) polish for a few months now and am still obsessed. It's the perfect blend of purple and pink while keeping things interesting. This definitely is up there for my favorite color and I love that I have it in nail polish form.

On the nude side of things has been Essie's "Cocktails and Coconuts" ($8.50). I picked this up when I was deep into my "perfect nude nail polish" quest and couldn't be happier with it. It's a lovely sandy color with little flecks of glitter in it that make the polish a lot more dynamic. It doesn't quite check all the boxes for my perfect nude shade (it's a bit too brown if that's possible), but I'm starting to believe I'll never be perfectly satisfied with a nude polish. This one definitely gets close though.

I've also oddly been attracted to Rimmel's "Hot Cocoa" ($3.77). It's this burnt orange color that goes in and out of my fancy and it's definitely been in as of late. I can't quite explain why, but I've been all over it. Although I've been branching away from the typical spring colors I still have been loving Essie's "Fashion Playground" ($8.50). The perfect mint green shade screams spring and I've always had a thing for mint!

What polishes have you been wearing a lot lately?

xoxo Kayla


  1. The essie's fashion playground is beautiful!

    Ana Leote

  2. These colours are so nice!
    I really like the Zoya one!

    Laura- DemandBeauty xo

  3. The mint Essie shade is gorgeous! I've been wearing a lot of pastels - my current favourite is a lilac/pink shade called Utopia by Models Own :) xx


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