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Shop the Stash

I definitely do not shop my stash enough. I'm a sucker for a new product or trying a well blogged about beauty item, but I often neglect or forget about the lovely gems tucked away in my ever filling beauty drawers. I'm going to make it my mission to spend more time shopping my stash and I've already found a few goodies after my first brief trip into the depths of the drawers.

The Bobbi Brown Corrector ($24) was the first high end item I ever purchased. It's long since sat in my concealer bin as I tend to exclusively reach for my NARS Creamy Concealer. It's not as heavy or as good as covering my dark circles as the NARS offering is, so it's often overlooked. It's still a great concealer for days where my dark circles aren't so menacing though.

The POP Beauty "Bright Up Your Life" Trio (full palette $24) came from a Ipsy GlamBag and I almost immediately forgot about it once the next month's bag arrived. It's the perfect little trio for an easy eye look. The shades aren't crazy pigmented, but they can be built up and last a decent amount of time. The packaging is what got me to pull it out of my stash again and give it a look over. The flower design is just beautiful.

With my obsession with theBalm's FratBoy blush going stronger than ever it's easy to neglect all my other blushes. I completely forgot I even owned this NYX Blush in "Amber" ($5). When I first purchased this blush I still hadn't quite grasped the whole blush thing. I had a much too heavy hand and this blush never looked right on me. Now it looks downright lovely and a tad darker than I usually go for. I'm excited to have this already in my collection.

I'm a hard core mauve lip fan, but there are sometimes when I suddenly have a itch to wear some pink. I didn't think I even owned any good pinks until I gave my lip drawer a once over and spotted the aptly named Revlon lipstick "Gentlemen Prefer Pink" ($8.99). It's a sheer enough pink that I don't feel weird wearing it, but it still gives me a perfect pink wash to the lips. Plus it saves me a trip and some cash at the drugstore.

Do you shop your stash regularly or are you like me and neglect your beauty bits for newer products?

xoxo Kayla


  1. That's so interesting that you find the NARS concealer better than the Bobbi Brown! My dark circles are always menacing, and I don't leave the house without my BB corrector on. Typically, I layer the NARS concealer on top, but I haven't found anything better to cancel out the purple than the BB.

    Melissa | M is for Melissa

    1. I should try putting the NARS concealer on top of the BB one! I haven't given that a go yet. I'm not sure if I have the right shade of the BB one...that could be why I'm not crazy about it or don't love it as much as the NARS one. Maybe it's a bit too light?

  2. I don't buy new makeup a lot so I'm always shopping my stash. It's how I've hit pan on a lot of things.


    1. Do you repurchase a lot of the things you hit pan on/finish? Or do you like to try new things?

  3. Sounds good might try some of these out really pretty blog by the way!:)

  4. I love shopping the stash blog posts! Makes me remember all the things I'd forgotten!



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