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Soapopotamus Soaps

Soap. In the shape of food. Like, what?!?!?! How insanely adorable right? I stumbled upon the Soapopotamus Etsy store randomly during my daily travels around the internet and knew as soon as I opened the url that I'd be making a purchase. It couldn't be avoided. Plus the prices are incredibly reasonable.

The first thing I knew I just had to have was the Pizza Party - Single Pizza Slice ($5). It's shockingly realistic and too cute to pass up. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it just yet, but for $5 it just made sense. I think this would make an amazing hostess gift or just something cute to give out at a party or something. It's so unique and I know people would find it just as cute as I do. 

Being a little bit more sensible I purchased the Baby Cinnamon Rolls ($6.50). They came in a set of six and are about the size of meatballs (sorry for the weird reference. I really couldn't think of anything else similar haha). I'm currently using these in our bathroom and I just love how adorable they look sitting in a little bowl on our sink. They smell just like cinnamon rolls too. They don't lather up much, but leave my hands feeling super clean. Oddly enough my hands also don't smell like cinnamon rolls after use; I'm not sure how that happens.

I'm a sucker for donuts so I couldn't pass up the Chocolate Frosted Donuts ($6.50) set of six. I plan on giving them to Alex's mother to share with her the awesomeness that is Soapopotamus, but I may have to go back and purchase some for myself once I've used up all of the baby cinnamon rolls. I haven't smelt these yet since I didn't want to open the package before giving them to Alex's mom, but I bet they smell very similar to donuts!

Finally the Chocolate Chip Cookies ($5) jumped into my basket before purchase and I have since given them all out to friends. I still can't get over how sweet they smell. I'm not sure how shop owner Regina does it, but she's a soap master. They are also incredibly realistic looking to the point that I had to make sure to tell my friends they were soap or risk having them bite into them!

I'm so happy I found this shop and was eager to share it with all of you! The shipping didn't take very long and I'm more than happy with all my goodies! I'm already planning out my next purchase and have my eye on the sushi set!

Regina is offering a 10% discount to anyone who is interested in making a purchase before July 31st. Just use the code "SUPERHAUL" at checkout and let her know that I sent you! She ships internationally!!

What do you think of Soapopotamus soaps?

xoxo Kayla


  1. hahaha how cool are they!?!?
    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. PLUS they work really well. Always a nice added bonus to cute things!

  2. How cute! Those mini cinnamon roll ones are super adorable!


    1. They also smell really amazing. Makes me want to eat them, or make real cinnamon rolls!

  3. My sister would love these!


    1. The shop has TONS of different ones from carrot cake to sushi so I'm sure she'll be in heaven ( :


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