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Unsung Heroes

We all have those beauty items we use on a daily (or close to daily) basis that never get the praise they deserve. I say no more! Today's post is all about those unsung heroes that make our lives a little bit easier. I used to hate bobby pins with a passion. I only ever experienced them in high school dance hairstyles when they were poking me in the skull. When I really started getting into makeup and beauty though we made up bobby pins and I and now have a great relationship. I use a bobby pin every day to pin back my bangs when I put on my makeup. I also use them in an occasional hairstyle if I decide to do something more than just wear my hair down or in a pony tail. 

I don't know what I did before eyelash curlers. I remember thinking (as I'm sure we all did) that they were creepy torture devices that go much too close to the eyes. And then I tried them and my life changed forever. They make a world of difference to my straight, droopy lashes. Now I can't go a day without curling them if I'm wearing makeup.

Makeup wedges are the newest addition to my beauty tools and it's another thing I don't know what I did before them. I use them dry or damp to apply my foundation for a more flawless, lighter finish. They're so easy to use and then I just toss them. No fuss, no mess. Just love.

what items do you use that go unappreciated?

xoxo Kayla


  1. Definietly an eye lash curler! But also q-tips! I use them to clean up little excess mascara here and there. I use them every time I put on makeup and they are a great help to get my desired look but when I think makeup I never give them credit! :)

    1. See I even left an unsung hero unsung! Those poor q-tips!

  2. Yeah eye lash curlers, q-tips & cotton wool pads are my unsung makeup heroes xxx

  3. I've got a few tips on ways to use bobby pins if you want to check it out :) xx

    1. oh interesting! I just recently found out that I was wearing them upside down. Who knew?!

  4. I love these kinds of posts! Our everyday essentials always seem to be forgotten about!


  5. Eyelash curlers are quite a new love/discovery for me! I was wondering how this particular eyelash curler works for you, because I have the exact same one and I find it quite hard to get to the roots of my lashes with! x


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