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Birchbox Man

I'm mixing things up today and sharing something on the masculine side of life. I recently purchased my boyfriend Alex a three month subscription to Birchbox Man and thought it'd be a fun change of pace to share his thoughts and reviews on products. His daily life is filled with me rambling on about how two lipsticks aren't the same color but just similar that it's his turn to share! He's been telling me his thoughts on the products for a couple of weeks so I'm paraphrasing, but he's what he thought! 

Atelier Cologne - Vetiver Fatal Cologne Absolute (Full size $75-$185)
The cologne smells nice and fades to a lite citrus smell after a while but is not anything to write home about. It's just your run of the mill cologne. He wouldn't spend more than 35 bucks on it, 50 at most as it's crazy how expensive it actually is.

Davines Naturaltech Energizing Shampoo (Full size $25.50)
The energizing shampoo IS AMAZING. Let it sit in the scalp for a few minutes and then it starts to tingle and he just love it. He will most likely purchase the product depending on the size of the full size bottle. This is definitely his favorite product.

English Laundry 3-in-1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash (Full size $20)
The 3 in 1 is great! It has cologne built into it. He like it because you do not have to deal with different smelling hair compared to your body wash. It's super easy and works great.

Hanz de Fucko Claymation (Full size $18.50)
The Claymation stuff is kinda gooey like troll snot. It holds well without needing a lot of product but I haven't given it a go out and about so I don't know if sweat and life ruins it or not.

Quirky Cordies ($9.99)
The quirky cordies is great for when people come over and ask if we have charging cords. It's kind of like a hub of sorts to keep everything in one place.

Quirky Wrapster ($6.99)
I'm going to bring this with me to Italy and I really like it a lot so far. It works really well at keeping your ear bud cords from not becoming an awful mess that's impossible to undo. It's nothing something I would have thought to buy for myself, but it's fantastic.

Birchbox for women is only $10 a month, but for men it's $20. I attribute this large price jump to the fact that they have to get a bit more creative with the guys' boxes. There are a lot more lifestyle things involved. The Quirky items alone totaled around $15 so the box almost pays for itself with those two pieces.

I'm excited to see what the next boxes have in them and Alex seems to be really enjoying himself! I'm still trying to decide if it's worth getting the women's Birchbox. Let me know what you think in the comments!

xoxo Kayla


  1. I wish we could get this in the UK!


  2. My favorite is that he compared something to troll snot. Hilarious.


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