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Birthday Beauty Haul

Birthdays and beauty go hand in hand for a blogger don't they? Be it birthday goodies from Sephora (like the Make Up For Ever lipstick and mascara), personal gifts to myself, or gifts from friends, birthdays are a swell time to add lovely new gems to a collection.

After a lot of wishlist browsing I decided to treat myself to a few MAC lipsticks I had been wanting. I ordered Chatterbox ($16), See Sheer ($16), and Pink Plaid ($16). I'm eager to give them a go and report back on how I like them considering I tried to pick colors that were a tad out of my comfort zone. Not crazy out of my comfort zone though, just a tad!

As for gifts from friends I got incredibly fortunate this year! Alex got me the Stila In The Light Palette which I've been coveting for ages but have just never bought it for myself. I've used it since I got it and it's love. What a downright beautiful palette that I'm sure I'll be talking about a lot in upcoming posts. Two of my friends got me some Essie polishes which I'm over the moon excited about. The dark glittery purple shades is Essie's "The Lace is On", the pinky orange shade is "Tart Deco", and I finally got "Splash of Grenadine" which I've also been interested in for quite a while but it just kept slipping off the shopping list. So excited to get these colors on my nails.

Finally another girl friend gave me a Avon Glazewear Intense Lip Gloss in "Sweet Maple". I love getting products from her in particular because she always makes sure to get me colors and products that I wouldn't otherwise try myself. 

I'm so excited to break into all my new products! My birthday was just so fantastic!

xoxo Kayla

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  1. I hope you has a great Birthday!! All of those gifts look lovely, and the still palette is amazing its one of my favourites, also the smudge stick that comes with it is really good and so easy to apply! Love all the colours of the nail polishes and lip products.
    Harkirat xx


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