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Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

This review was definitely coming as soon as I smoothed this gem onto my skin for the first time. So sit back and prepare yourselves because this is going to be a rave review for the history books.

I finally got my hands on the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (£10.99) thanks to a beauty swap with Tori from Pretty Lovely Girls. It's been a love affair ever since. I thought for sure it was impossible to get it in the United States, but I found that you can purchase it here from ASOS. Which is good because when this stuff runs out I'm going to need more immediately.

 First off the shade Vanilla is the perfect shade. I was a bit worried when I first saw it as it looks a bit light, but it blended to a perfect glowy finish that matches my skin tone to a T. I half believe there are little particles of magic in this making it match my skin tone. Silly, but it's just that impressive.

The product itself is thin but provides really nice, natural coverage. It's more on the lighter side, but I've built it up a few times for a more medium coverage on days where I'm not too happy with the look of my skin. It's important to note that I tend to apply this with a sponge which gives it a sheerer coverage by nature. It lasts ages too. By the end of the day I feel like my skin is looking even healthier and glowy than it was when I first put the foundation on in the morning.

It has a slight smell to it, but (of course) I can't quite place it. It's by no means unpleasant, I'm just not one for scented makeup. Honestly my biggest and only complaint is that the lid isn't as secure as I would like it. It stays, but picky me wants it to stay a bit better. 

It's also unfortunate that it's not terribly easy to get this stuff in the states. Fortunately for me I live fairly close to the Canadian border where there's a large Shoppers Drug Mart right when you cross over to the Canadian side. I may have to make a trip when this bottle runs out to stock up. Bourjois has set the bar incredibly high for me now with foundations. It's amazing. You really should give it a go.

Have you tried this foundation before? Would you want to?

xoxo Kayla


  1. I really want to try this foundation.


  2. I have this lying somewhere and haven't used in a while! I don't wear foundation everyday so keep forgetting about stuff I have!

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  3. i love this foundation, it's perfect for when it starts getting a little hotter! xxx

  4. I have never tried the healthy serum but I do have the healthy mix one which I like. The only thing is.. I have to wait until I get a bit more tanned because the lightest shade is too dark for me. Oh the joy of being a ghost!

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