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In Your Own Skin

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Everyone always tells you that you should feel comfortable in your own skin, regardless of what other people think. It's easier said than done though and I for one have struggled for years in order to feel confident and comfortable about myself. Growing up I had very prominent ears. They weren't necessarily larger than other people my age, but they stuck out from my head enough that kids noticed. I spent the years of middle school trying to get my hair voluminous enough to cover them and still getting made fun of and called really unoriginal names like Dumbo. It wasn't until near the end of high school and entering college that I was fed up with it and decided the problem wasn't the bullies (although they really should look at their life and choices), but myself. I needed to feel confident in my own skin. Here are some things I did.

  • Found something that I was passionate about and put all my energy into it (like blogging)
  • Reminded myself of five things I was good at every day
  • Paid closer attention to the little things or details that I did like about myself (like my blue eyes)
  • Stopped blaming myself for my ears. I didn't pick them.
  • Surrounded myself with kind, non-superficial people
  • I took control of things I could change (like working out more)
  • I talked to my friends and realized that everyone has their "something"

I think we all struggle in one way or another be it weight, acne, or other confidence defeaters. That's the beauty of life though, the struggles and the triumphs. We all have things we're self conscious about, and the media and portrayal of "the perfect woman" don't help with this. Luckily companies like ModCloth, Dove, and Aerie are embracing that women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes and we don't need to be Photoshopped into perfection. My ears are fine just the way they are. 

ModCloth is celebrating a very exciting milestone this week. It's their one-year anniversary of officially launching plus-size clothing on their site! In just one year, they’ve expanded their product catalog with more items that fit all body types. Check out the full-range fashion page in their Style Gallery, which showcases community-uploaded photos featuring ModCloth items that are available in a full size range. I love the community-uploaded photos. Everyone looks so beautiful and confident in their own skin and if I'm ever feeling down I head over there for a confidence boost. It makes me unbelievably happy that companies like ModCloth are launching lines like this one.

How do you feel confident in your own skin?

xoxo Kayla


  1. Love this. Everything you mentioned in your tips is so relevant. I used to struggle with things like this all the time - and sometimes still do. One of the things that you mentioned that I tried to start doing more and more that really helped was looking at the smaller things of me, it helped me to stop comparing so much.

  2. I really loved this post, Big. I'm really proud of you for your constant dedication to being 100% you in this space. :)
    I really feel like we never see ourselves clearly. I imagine that we all have those weird warped mirrors that are at the circus in front of us and that it just blows up our "flaws." I don't think that we see ourselves clearly, but our beauty culture does not help most of the time, so it is really awesome to see that some companies are going the extra mile to show that people are beautiful in all of their variety!


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