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#ModSummer Wishlist

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Although I only just recently made a small purchase at ModCloth I'm back browsing the site making a mental wishlist of what I want to get next. They're constantly updating and putting things on sale. Everything is just so unique, and too damn cute.

1. Picnic in the Pasture Dress
I just can't escape the allure of a pretty dress in the summertime. This beauty is unlike anything I currently own and I love how wearable it looks. I always struggle with my bra straps showing and this will cover them perfectly. I also like the little opening in the front for a bit of tasteful skin.

2. Glitz it Up Necklace
I always seem to gravitate towards the gold and pink statement necklaces. I honestly couldn't tell you why, maybe I just find them the prettiest? Or it reminds me of royals back in the day with their fancy jewelry? Who knows. This necklace immediately caught my attention and I'm digging the contrast between girly and edgy.

3. Consultant with Character Top in Teal
Tunics get me every time. I work in an office job and am always looking for an easy to wear top I can throw on in the morning with a pair of slacks and still look like I put a little bit of effort to get dressed. This is such a lovely shade of teal and I think would look incredibly flattering on. Plus I could always wear it during the weekends with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings.

Swoon. Honestly this bracelet set is what started my browsing spree. I'm in love with them! I like the polka dot and stripe contrast and the bold blue. A perfect addition to my jewelry collection to help me hit the nautical trend without having to go overboard (see what I did there?!)

Double swoon. Just look at these sexy shoes! Vintage style at its finest that's for sure. I don't know what it is about mustard/gold colored things but I can't seem to stay away. It's definitely not a color a lot of people wear so it would make one heck of a statement shoe.

Keeping with my weird fascination with mustard this top has me fighting to keep my debit card in my wallet. If I buy anything it'll be this top. The detailing is amazing and its the perfect summer shirt. Throw a cardigan on it to make it work appropriate or wear it with some high waist shorts during the weekend. Perfection

You can't look at the ModCloth site without looking at the bags. Trust me. Some of my favorite bags I've gotten from this site and I have my eyes on this one next. First off the name is just perfect. ModCloth is always so clever when it comes to product names. It's such a mature looking bag that makes me want to attend fancy picnics and dinner parties.

A cool thing ModCloth is doing for summer is the #ModSummer hashtag. They're encouraging everyone to share their summer memories with them! Include the hashtag #ModSummer when you’re posting your adventures and you could be featured on one of their social networks. Join in on the community fun, find some outfit inspiration in their Style Gallery, and get ready for the best summer ever! I know I am and these pieces may be just the way to do it!

Which piece would you want to get? What's your favorite trend/outfit for summer?

xoxo Kayla


  1. I love love love the picnic dress! It is so cute and perfect for a day of summer fun! The shoes are adorable too. I like how practical they seem for dress up or dress down!

  2. These are so cute! #1 and #5 are my favs!!!! I will definitely have to check out their site!

  3. Those bangles are beautiful!



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