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This Week's Most Loved #29

This week seemed to drag on forever. Maybe it was because my birthday party was at the end of it so the powers the be decided to make it go really slow as I anticipated the My Little Pony themed party at the end of the week (my birthday is actually on the 22nd but I'll be in Italy). It's thankfully over and I'm just hours away from party time!!

I've been feeling very good this week about my makeup and how it looks. I've determined that my NARS Pure Raidiant Tinted Moisturizer in "Finland" ($42) is just too light for me, but I have some samples of "St. Moritz" and I've been blending them together to create the perfect shade. Eventually I want to pick up a full size of the "St. Moritz" shade because then no matter what level of tan I am I'll be able to blend the perfect shade. Now that I have the perfect color for my skin tone I've fallen even more in love with this stuff. It gives the most beautiful glow to the skin while still looking natural and as if I'm not wearing anything. Superb.

I've been stepping up my winged eyeliner game lately thanks to the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner ($20). I've been perfecting the everyday cat eye as I used to be pretty heavy handed and only felt comfortable wearing my "creations" out at night. This liner makes it super easy to make a really thin line that isn't over the top. Plus it lasts all day long and doesn't budge.

Benefit's CORALista ($28) is back out on my cheeks these days as its the perfect coral blush to give just the right amount of flush to the skin without looking to done up. It looks amazing paired with the NARS tinted moisturizer, creating a lovely sun-kissed glow. Considering I spend the bulk of my days in an office with no windows, I can use all the sun-kissed help I can get.

While I've been keeping the rest of my face fairly neutral and natural, I've been making my lips a bit bolder. When I say a "bit" I really mean only a little as MAC's "Plumful" ($16)  isn't too far off my natural lip color still. It's definitely brighter though and I've really been enjoying how it helps give definition to my lips without giving them too much attention. Just the perfect amount of attention. I'm MAC lipstick obsessed lately and even picked up a few as a birthday gift to myself. Stay tuned to see which ones I got!

What products have you been loving this week?

xoxo Kayla


  1. Lovely favourites, I have been loving Plumful of late also :) My go to lipstick though has been Speed Dial as it is a gorgeous coral colour with a lovely sheen :)

    CharmedCharlee | CharmedCharlee

  2. These are all things I haven't tried! They sound lovely!


  3. love your choices , i really want to try the stila liquid eyeliner :)
    The Inked Blonde


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