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Travel Tech

Even if I'm only going away for the weekend, I'm always equipped with quite the arsenal of technology. It's definitely a side effect of being a content creator. For Italy I really didn't want to over pack, so I took a lot of care in selecting what electronics I'm bringing with myself.

Of course I'm bringing my phone with my Doctor Who case to snap quick photos, instagram, and send texts when I find myself with some free internet out and about. I'm also bringing my vlogging camera which is an Canon SX280 HS. It's actually Alex's, but I've kind of adopted it as my own since I do the majority of the vlogging in our household. For higher quality photos and nicer video it's all about the Canon T4i. I'm probably going to bring a different lens then the one in the photo as that's just the kit lens. I'm also bringing a laptop to edit videos and photos, but I haven't quite decided which one I'm going to take.

Of course I need plug adapters, and since a lot of technology will convert the watts for you, these work great to just attach to the end of the unit and plug straight into the wall. Chargers are obviously a must to make sure all the batteries stay going strong! I'm also in love with this Quirky Wrapster to keep my ear buds from getting tangled. It such a simple design, but it works so well!

What technology do you bring on trips?

xoxo Kayla


  1. All such great picks, I love your phone case! I couldn't live without my Fujifilm :)
    Mia xx

  2. I LOVE your phone case, it's literally perfect! xx

  3. Great picks I wonder how you pack your SLR I think ill carry mine in hand luggage but I was really worried about not packing it in its case as I don't want anything to happen to it xx


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