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Travelling Internationally

Although I'm currently enjoying myself in Italy on my 22nd birthday, I thought I would share with you some of the tips, tricks, and things I did to prepare for travelling internationally. I've traveled overseas a number of times, but I'm still constantly learning helpful hints along the way.

Adapters: I always seem to forget that other countries don't necessarily have the same outlets as we have in the United States. Luckily I remember with enough time to make sure I have the necessary converters and adapters so I can use my technology overseas. Make sure you do some research to see what sort of converter or adapter you're going to need. It can get a bit tricky and even when I'm prepared I'm still constantly worried that I'm going to fry my blow dryer or something.

Call Your Bank: Whenever I go overseas I like to withdraw cash from an ATM with my debit card right when I get there and take out enough money for the trip (or at least what I think I'll need). There are fees involved, but I don't think they're nearly as bad as what you'll pay if you go to a currency exchange. Be sure to let your bank know that you're going to be overseas so they won't freeze your card when you need to use it.

Power Strips: I've only recently started to bring a power strip with me because you never know what the outlet situation is going to be at wherever you're staying. I always travel with a lot of cameras and don't want to use up precious outlets to charge my batteries. Plus you're going to become the hit of the airport with everyone trying to charge their cell phones and only having two plugs to fight over. 

Whatsapp: This is a free app that uses the internet to let you text other people with the app. It's downright fantastic. I used it for the first time during the weekend trip to Canada and I was able to communicate with my family without using any data or getting charged for things. It's nice just to be able to shoot a quick text to people back home to say hi when you find yourself in a Starbucks with some free internet.

Schedule Content: Like this post for example, be sure to schedule content for while you're away if you don't think you'll be able to keep up with posting. It's perfectly ok to take a break from blogging while you're travelling or on vacation, but if you're like me you don't want to. Scheduling is the only way to go when you aren't sure about the internet situation or blogging time you'll have.

Like I said, I'm constantly learning tips and tricks to travelling internationally. If you have any, definitely leave them in the comments below!

xoxo Kayla


  1. We use Whatsapp allllll the time in Europe. I've heard that Americans still text on a daily basis? I only ever text my grandma because she doesn't have a smartphone.. haha!

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait drawings)

  2. iMessage is also really handy for all those with iPhones!
    I'm going overseas for a month at the beginning of next year, and I'm already feeling uneasy about having to schedule all my posts. I'm still getting the hang of it, but hopefully I'll be able to get everything together before I go on my trip :)

    Thanks for the other tips! xx

    Mel // izzipenelope


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