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What's in My Carry On

Plane rides are so boring. Especially ones that are international as you're stuck in a tube in the sky for hours. My carry on becomes my best friend as I fill it with all sorts of goodies to keep myself entertained and the boredom at bay.

I picked up this tote on sale from Old Navy recently and can't wait to travel with it. It's light, but sturdy. The two things you need in travel bags. It's also going to double as my everyday bag on outings.

Of course it's important to have the usual necessities in your carry on like a wallet (mine is the Vera Bradley Clip Zip ID but I think it's a discontinued pattern) that's small but holds all your essentials, and your passport. I also have my phone and ear buds to play games or watch in-flight movies. Like I said before in my travelling international post, bringing a power strip will make you the hit of the airport when people are looking for outlets.

One of the best things about being trapped on a plane without internet is the ample brainstorming time. I'm bringing my Vera Bradley ideas book and my M by Staples Arc notebook that works as my blog planner to have an intense ideas session. When I'm tired of brainstorming I have the third book in The Maze Runner series The Death Cure by James Dashner. If planes are good for anything, it's giving you a lot of reading opportunity.

I hate checking my cameras and technology in a suitcase that I'm sure gets thrown around and beat up, so I keep everything with me. That way if I want to vlog or snap a quick photo I have my cameras on hand and I know I can keep them safe. If my laptop can fit without being too heavy I'll stash that in my carry on too just to be safe.

I always bring a bit of hand cream as my hands always get so dry on planes. That airplane air is like a dessert. I also plan on bringing a compact change of clothes and a few toiletries just in case something terrible happens to my suitcase and I need to survive without it for a little bit.

What kind of things do you keep in your carry on?

xoxo Kayla


  1. I love that little wallet, it's such a cute little thing x
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  2. I like the brainstorming idea! Reading is always my plane go-to!

  3. I love your bag, it's gorgeous!
    Mia xx

  4. Love your bag, great idea about the notebook I'm going on holiday soon so looking for inspiration the blog brainstorm sounds like a great way to kill some time too xx


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