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Birchbox Man + Details

My boyfriend Alex received his second Birchbox Man box recently and I have a hoot reading his reviews on the products. So let's get into it!

Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturizer (Full size $22)
He used this after using Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash and it was a solid product. It did not make his face too oily nor did it leave it too dry. It had like an earthy plant based scent that wore away after a few minutes. Overall nothing fantastic, but also decent to use

COOLA Environmental Repair Plus Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion (Full size $32)
He was sun burnt from the 4th of July weekend and on the 5th he thought this would be a perfect time to try this lotion. It did not immediately cool the burn like aloe from the fridge but it did give long lasting moisture. He would use this over aloe because of how long it kept the burn under control without having to reapply it.

Odin 02 OWARI (Full size $145)
This was definitely a unique smell. You can almost guarantee that no one else will be wearing this smell. Not that it is bad but just very different. It had a spicy tone to it like a cayenne pepper but also a grapefruit citrus smell. So it made it a musky, spicy, fruity smell. He actually would use this again but just on special occasions like a club or maybe a first night out with a girl if he wants her to remember him the next day. (Oh yeah hun? Gonna go on a lot of dates!?? hahah)

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash (Full size $26)
Second favorite thing that came in this box. You need to use about three or four pea size drops to get a solid lather built up. The scent it a minty/spearmint which before he used it thought he would not want on my face all day. He was wrong, the smell not only wakes you the f up and cleans your face like a momma lion licking its cub. The smell doesn't last and that was really nice.

Bread & Boxers Boxer Briefs ($18)
Number one item in the box right here. Apparently he's not allowed to get to "weird" but these are amazing. They just feel quality and he loves them. These fit awesome. He only wish they were not white because tidy-whites are just no bueno. 

So there you have it. Alex has quite a way of describing things...

Would you  buy a Birchbox subscription for a guy in your life?

xoxo Kayla

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