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Makeup Collection: Eye & Cheek Drawer

All week I'm sharing with you what's in my makeup drawers. Yesterday was the base drawer and today we enter my eyes and cheek drawer. If you're interested in what containers I use, pop over to the base drawer post for all the details. The eye and cheek drawer is probably my favorite drawer out of my entire makeup collection. It contains the majority of my makeup and it just looks so darn pretty.

Starting at the front right of the drawer is my somewhat embarrassing collection of Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoos ($6.99 each). I love a lot of the permanent collection, but my little stash grew quite a lot during the quest for the limited edition Dare to Go Nude collection. A collection of all neutrals in one of my favorite formulas for eye shadows? Done. I also keep my eye shadow bases here including deluxe samples of the Urban Decay Primer Potion (full size $20) and the LORAC Behind the Scenes Primer (full size $21). My favorite primer has to be the NYX Eye Shadow Base in "Skin Tone" ($5).

The left front bin is a new addition to my organizational system after the arrival of fivKiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows (€6,90). There are also a few shadow "stick" like products in this bin as well that I got from past Ipsy bags or beauty swaps.

The back right is home to the smaller eye shadow palettes and all of my single eye shadows. I have a few NYX palettes, one fantastic Almay offering, and a few other drugstore quads or duos. If you're interested in a more in depth look just let me know. I worry listing everything here will start to bore. The back slender bin houses a lot of LiSi single shadows, some NYX ones, and a few from Kiko.

Finally the back left bin sees the most new additions as I've been on a bit of a blush kick lately. Home to lovely blushes like theBalm's FratBoy ($21), Benefit's CORALista ($28), Tarte's "Peaceful" ($26), and a slew of drugstore blushes from e.l.f., NYX, Revlon, and more. Blush has become one of my favorite parts of my makeup routine and it's so easy to switch colors out without changing up a look too drastically.

Stay tuned the rest of the week to see the last few drawers of my makeup collection. If you want me to go into more detail about any of the bins in this drawer just leave a comment and I'll post a more in depth look!

What does your eye/cheek collection look like? What are some of your favorite blushes?

xoxo Kayla 


  1. Loving your makeup collection posts! You have some amazing products, im so jealous! And i love how organised your collection is :)
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. The clear storage definitely helps. I used to use black bins and it looked so messy!

  2. I loved the post :) x

  3. This is also my favorite drawer in your collection as I raid it every time I come over. Great post, Twinster!

    1. I just can't believe it's spilled into another one!! EEK!


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