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Birchbox Man "Summer Camp"

My boyfriend Alex is back with his final review of his three month subscription to Birchbox Man.

This month's Birchbox was my last one and was part good and part bad.

Dr. Squatch Bar Soap (full size $6)
I was super excited to try this as I love the smell of pine. Many happy memories consist of sitting around a bonfire with the smell of fresh cut pine burning. The black nature of the soap was initially bizarre but left no negative side effects once rubbed into a wash cloth. The issue with this soap is that within a few minutes of using it and being out of the shower you have the sensation that your skin is being attacked by every insect with a bite or sting that leaves a horrible itch. I thought maybe it was just the weather so I used the soap at least 5 times. Each ending with me looking like Baloo rubbing his back on a tree. Such a let down.

Baxter of California Deodorant (full size $18)
This deodorant has a very fresh citrus smell and although it must be reapplied later in the day I enjoyed the occasional waft of lemon fizz when I checked to see how it was doing. I am not in love with this product but a solid product it is. Sadly the sample came in a push pop style similar to a Flintstones ice cream and I accidentally popped it out of the container at least once during each application. I hope the full sized version does not have this problem.

Air Repair Rescue Balm All-Purpose Skin Salve and Lip Balm (full size $12)
HUZZAH! This came right as my lips were drying out and I was going to the store to get lip balm. This stuff works! My lips immediately turned from desert to oasis after a few seconds of absorption. It does look like a medical ointment and some of my friends asked what the medicine was for but for how effective this was I will take any strange looks. Loved how it was pocket sized to take with me.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser (full size $32.95)
THIS STUFF IS THE JAM! So there I am in the shower after a hard night of libations and excess and my face felt like I slept in a deep fryer. So I thought what better time than now to try and see how this stuff works. Bam! After a few seconds of rubbing it in and a quick rinse I felt like I just shed every poor decision away. I felt refreshed, the scent has a light citrus notes that perk you up and I really felt much better. It works so well I am looking forward to the next hangover to use it again.

Bison Made Double Wrap Bracelet ($40)
Wrist Wrap: Tasteful, simple, and practical. I like this because it can be, as Kayla says, dressed up or down. It looks great with a polo and nice khakis on or just a T-shirt and jeans. It really is a simple piece of jewelry that I would not have gotten for myself but now if I lost it would quickly buy another. Out of the three Birchboxes this is most likely my favorite thing!

My experience with Birchbox Man has been surprisingly pleasant one. I was not sure if I would be able to enjoy the face scrubs and body washes the way Kayla does but honestly they do a great job of sending you some really unique and interesting products. I am definitely asking for a re-subscription come holiday time. I really look forward to receiving it each month and seeing what new products I get to explore.

Get it for your guy for sure, he may not like it right away but after the first one he will understand how great a gift it truly is!

Would you give a Birchbox to your boyfriend or a man in your life?

xoxo Kayla

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