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Farewell to Ipsy

This post is more of a final farewell to my Ipsy subscription rather than a full on review like in the past. As you may recall I decided to stop my Ipsy subscription right before this glam bag arrived. As usual I didn't know what items I was going to get, but as soon as I opened it I was sure I had made the right choice in cancelling. Ipsy just wasn't doing it for me anymore. 

The sample sizes are wonderful and they do an excellent job at mixing up products and brands. I just wasn't using the products. I found that I was spending the $10 a month on Ipsy, but still buying other products and forgetting that I needed to try these out still. I could be spending that $10 elsewhere and getting more use out of the products.

On average I found I only liked 2-3 products in each month's bag and it started feeling like a waste. For instance, in July's glam bag I only really like the bareMinerals 5-in-1 Cream Eyeshadow. It's incredibly pigmented, long lasting, and in a shade I love. Everything else I could do without though and will probably end up being given to friends or family. The nail polish is too dark for my taste and kind of runny. I've embraced my paleness and don't need a tanning oil. The moisturizer is intriguing but I don't like to switch products in my skincare routine too much. The lip balm is unremarkable. I'm sure my friends and family would really enjoy these products, but they're no longer exciting to me.

Ipsy is a wonderful service and I had a love affair with it for quite some time. But recently my tastes have changed and I much rather put that money towards a product I've researched and really want rather than on surprise products. This is an awesome subscription if you want to explore makeup and beauty more and don't know where to start (like I did over a year ago). I'm still going to recommend it to friends and droll over their really stellar bags, but it's so long to Ipsy for this girl.

xoxo Kayla 

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  1. I've cancelled all my beauty subscriptions and I don't regret it in the least. Maybe they work best for the non-beauty obsessed because it would be a great way to get exposure to new brands. I'd get excited about the products from Ipsy - then stash them in my bag and never look at them again. Or I got burnt out on all the awful Starlooks and Bombshell cosmetics the pushed again and again...and again.

    Here's to $10 more dollars to spend at Sephora!! *jumps up and down*



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