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ModCloth Decor Lovin'

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When it comes to the perfect place for quirky home accessories, gifts for friends, and cheeky gifts for myself, I can't get enough of ModCloth's home decor section. After picking up this Scoops of Flower Measuring Set ($24.99) a couple of months ago, I'm definitely sold on the quality and uniqueness. Plus I always get loads of compliments about them. I currently have my eye on the Lava at First Sight Pillow, the Mac & Cheese Cookbook, the Trunks Full of Taste Shaker Set (elephants!!), and the Sticker to the Itinerary Set. I'd run amok on that site if I didn't have a conscious about spending so much money!

Right now ModCloth is having a 20% Off Decor Sale on a lot of really adorable bed sets, pillow cases, and other items. I love a good ModCloth sale. Things are just a little bit too expensive in my opinion when they're regularly priced, but ModCloth has sales so often that you just have to wait a little before getting the items you want. And take a peak at their dresses while you're at it. You won't regret it.

I think it's about time I place another order. Have you ever shopped at ModCloth?

xoxo Kayla


  1. Aaaah, that measuring spoon set is so cute!! I've been having my eye on it for a while, but some people have said that it broke during transit (though ModCloth replaced the broken ones, I believe). I think they're too cute for me to use out of fear of breaking them myself, haha!

    xx becky // star-violet

  2. I adore Modcloth's home decor section - they have such an interesting mix of stuff!


  3. Those are the most adorable measuring spoons ever!! I still need to do some looking around modcloth! You always have the cutest!


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