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NARS "Tolede" Lipstick

NARS makeup is definitely a weakness of mine. Of course I have to go weak in the knees for a brand that's downright expensive. My love of their tinted moisturizer has graced this blog time and time again, but I thought it was time to branch out a bit and try some new things. I picked up "Tolede" ($26), my first lipstick from the brand and I have to say it's not a good start.

Let's start with the glaring negative first. Although it looks pigmented on my hand swatch, this lipstick just doesn't show up on my lips. I know it's there, but there's just no color. Maybe I finally found the exact shade color of my lips in lipstick form and it's causing it to just blend in perfectly, but a lipstick with no color kind of defeats the point.

Other than the fact that you can't tell I'm wearing anything when I put this on, this line has a great formulation. It's moisturizing and seems to last a while (what I can tell anyway from not actually seeing it). Plus it's a downright gorgeous color in swatches and in the tube. And the packaging. Swoon. I just wish I could see it on the lips.

I think I'll have to splurge again for another shade to see if it was just "Tolede" and not the entire line disappearing into my lips. If that's the case and the next lipstick shows up, I may be in trouble of spending all my money on NARS products.

Have you tried a NARS lipstick before?

xoxo Kayla


  1. Maybe it's just too similar to your lips? But it looks like a lovely shade! I haven't checked out the NARS lipsticks too much yet as I'm always gravitating towards their lip pencils, but next time I visit a counter, a good swatch of their lipsticks is definitely a must xxx

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  2. I find when lipsticks don't show up well on me but are pigmented in a swatch it's because of my lips. I struggle with a lot of lip colours just looking blah on me because my lips are naturally quite rosy. I've heard a few tips for this such as applying your foundation to your lips first, it's definitely worth experimenting because this shade is stunning!

  3. I haven't tried NARS lipstick but I really want to try the new formula.


  4. Maybe you could go over your lips with your foundation brush to take the pigmentation out of it a bit, it could make a difference I don't know?

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