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A Love, Hate Relationship with Essie

Although the majority of my nail polish is Essie, I have a love, hate relationship with the brand. The color range is fantastic. That's what draws me in to the polishes in the first place. Then there are the names. Adorable, pun filled, irresistible. But when I take my new beauties home and apply the first coat to my nails, I'm too often disappointed.

Essie formulas have always been hit or miss for me. Either they're great and pigmented in two coats, or they're streaky and never quite right. Plus I find that they chip on me pretty often. All that hard work (I'm rubbish at paining my nails) to have it chip in a couple of days. Yet I still keep buying more. I reason with myself and say the pros outweigh the cons, but I really need to step out of my Essie polish box and try something new.

Any recommendations of good nail polish brands with a good color range and on par shade names?

As always you guys have such amazing recommendations and keep my bank account in trouble!

xoxo Kayla


  1. China Glaze is one of my favourites. Great colour selection, affordable and they do have cute names!

  2. I think we have a different formula of Essie in the UK! When I buy them in the US the formula is beautiful but in the UK it's dreamy!


  3. I have a love hate relationship with Essie too! Some of the most stunning colours, like Fiji, have such awful formulas and they are quite pricey for a polish. I am obsessed with the Rimmel 60 second nail polishes, however compared to Essie the colours are quite limited.

  4. How funny that I literally was just frowning at my manicure like 'Argh! Essie...always such a pretty color, never such an awesome manicure." I think I need to just quit them. OPI is still fabulous...Sephora X..there's better out there.


  5. Essie has a great color selection but they're so inconsistent with their formulas! I liked their recent collection - Dress to Kilt - but the brush is pretty tiny for the thicker formula of the polishes.
    I have to say that I've really been enjoying the Nail Kale line from Nails Inc - not so many colors but I think you'd be able to find one you liked! :)

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  6. Essie polish always chips on me so easily! I'm really liking the 7 Free line from Pacifica. I'm wearing Red Red Wine right now and plan to buy Dark Desert Highway soon!


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