I'm Kayla. A millennial obsessed with makeup, planner decorating, and board games. Working towards a more organized, simplified life one post at a time. #catlady

Beauty Things I Suck At

  • Washing my brushes although I actually don't mind doing it
  • Plucking or maintaining my brows in any way
  • Filling in my brows
  • Sharpening pencil products. So much waste!
  • Applying powder in a non-cakey way
  • Throwing away expired products. I always forget!
  • Breaking out of routines

What beauty things are you rubbish at?

xoxo Kayla


  1. Experimenting! I basically wear the exact same look like every day x

    ellabooxo • beauty & lifestyle

  2. I am exactly the same with all of these, especially the brows and brushes! Haha :)

    Mia x

  3. I'm bad with throwing expired products too! One thing that I've been really bad at (but starting to get better), is having too many products on the go at once. Then they expire before I've used them up and I hate not using up products :-( xx


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