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How to Accomplish Everything, and Still Have a Life

I am busy. The kind of busy that other people see and think I'm crazy for trying to accomplish as much as I strive to. I work full time, run this blog and a lifestyle blog, go to graduate school, make YouTube videos, run an ever growing stationery store, and still try to have a social life. It's definitely not easy, but I've found a way to juggle it all and still have time to catch up on the latest Doctor Who episode with Alex. Here's how I accomplish everything, and still have a life.

  • My agenda and I are best friends. I go nowhere without it. I leave it open in front of me at my desk all day at work. I'm constantly looking at what's coming up today, tomorrow, and the rest of the week. Knowing what's already on the books makes it easier to squeeze in little things here and there.
  • Designated days. On Tuesdays I do my homework for my classes on Wednesdays. On Saturday I take blog photos and new product photos. On Sundays I film videos and catch up on all the things I couldn't accomplish the rest of the week. Having days that you know you do certain things makes planning so much easier.
  • I don't squander free moments. If I find I have a couple of minutes between things or Alex is running a few minutes late, I'll use that time to accomplish something small on my to do list. Sure I occasionally use it to check Instagram, but those spare moments can really add up and if used wisely my to do list is done in no time. 
  • My apartment is a mess. I could spend time making sure everything is tidy, or I can leave the dishes for another day so I can work on new sketches for my business. Our friends know that Alex and I are constantly busy and they don't mind a mess. We do of course clean, it's just not a constant need or focus. 
  • I prioritize like crazy. I know it's impossible to accomplish everything always, so I make sure I do the most important things first. I finish my work tasks and homework before I worry about blogging or my next YouTube video. That way if I find myself out of time, all the really necessary things are done.
  • I don't have other hobbies. Blogging and my etsy shop are my hobbies. I don't really do much else as I probably wouldn't have time for it. I don't read much anymore (I wish I did!) and I am not into video games.
  • I challenge myself. Sure I could cut down on a few things here and there and lessen the load, but I know I'm capable of doing everything I want to achieve in a week. Why not challenge myself and see if I can get a few more sticker designs on my shop or have all my blog posts done at the start of the week? 
  • I still make time for friends. I'm terrible at this and have to constantly remind myself that I can't be a recluse all the time. I love working on my projects, but I also need to make sure I have some time to socialize with my littles and friends. This keeps me grounded and ultimately more focused on getting stuff done so I can hang out with them.
  • I have amazing people to help me. If it wasn't for Alex my stationery shop would have never gotten off the ground. He's a constant and huge help in every aspect of my life and makes it so I can do everything I want to and more. My friends are also there to help package cards and help with whatever I'm up to at the moment. 

My weeks can get hectic and sometimes I wonder why I bother trying to do it all, but when I get a tweet that someone likes the content on my blog or I have another sale in my shop, it all becomes worth it. I love everything I cram into my week, but I still have a life. How do you stay organized and accomplish everything on your to do list? Is there something you struggle with?

xoxo Kayla 


  1. Wow you do have a lot on! I like to think I am quite busy but I probably aren't really. Just work, gym, and blogging and social life. You've definitely inspired me to stop being lazy and use time as an excuse!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. Really great tips, I do not know why but all too often the time is running out when I try to get everything done and I'm always in a panic! But reading your post made ​​me a little calmer ^^

    Z ♥

  3. Wow - I can totally relate with you on the busy front! Although I do feel that I am not so hard done by after reading your post :) I have to squeeze in blogging, a full time job, being a mom, running a house and family time! It is a tricky basket of balls to juggle but you do because you love it :) xx

    Brenda BusyBee

  4. I complain about how busy I am but sounds like you have way more on than me! Your tips are great, I'm glad you said the cleaning one because this is what I do! Glad I'm not the only who has this attitude towards it xx


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