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OOTN: Sorority Formal

This past weekend my sorority held its annual White Rose formal. It’s one of my favorite events we put on and it gives us all an excuse to get fancy and celebrate our chapter. So I’m mixing things up today and sharing with you my outfit of the night.

I recently picked up this ModCloth Flight Plans Dress during a sale and thought it was the perfect sophisticated, yet simple dress for the evening. It’s more or less a cotton maxi dress, but with a pair of black heels and some simple silver jewelry it’s one fancy getup.

For jewelry I kept it dainty with my lavaliere from Alex and this beautiful bracelet* from Anjolee. It's this offering in particular in silver and I'm downright obsessed. Since receiving it I haven't worn anything else. It's the perfect dainty, yet sturdy piece that I'll be going into more detail about in a later post. I also brought an unremarkable black clutch with me that I've had for as long as I can remember.

The event was amazing. I ended up receiving two awards! I received "Most Likely to be National President" and "Shoulder to Cry On." I've never received an award at this event before which had me over the moon and feeling pretty darn good about myself. It was amazing to spend time with my three lovely littles (in the last photo!) and dance like an idiot with Alex. I vlogged the event if you're interested in seeing more!

It's not often that I can get fancy so I definitely try to enjoy these moments. When was the last time that you got fancy?

xoxo Kayla


  1. You look stunning and your dress is amazing!

  2. You look absolutely incredible!!! That dress is beautiful. I love the simplicity of it but then the slit at the bottom and the cross by the chest adds that little spice! I like how versatile that dress could be; dress it up like you did but you could also dress it down and have it be just for a fun quick night out to throw on! Also, that bracelet! Stunning. That is a piece you could wear with anything. Sounds like such a fun time:) Congratulations on the awards as well! I can totally agree with both of those being you!

  3. This is soo beautiful...that dress looks gorgeous on you!

    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic

  4. You look absolutely amazing, Kayla! I love that red dress and your makeup is really on point as well! :)

    Madeline | Cappuccino and Fashion

  5. Wow you are look beautiful! Love your outfit and how you did your hair! ^^

    Z ♥

  6. Cheesily sings 'lady in red.....' ;)

    Gorgeous gorgeous! I so wish I had formals to attend still. Life should invent formals for people who've graduated college. I know there's wedding and such - but a dance where you dress up for the sake of dressing up needs to happen! (You should do more outfit posts!)


  7. I absolutely adore the dress you wore! The jewelry chosen was phenomenal, especially the bracelet! :) The party looked really fun too :)


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