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Oxblood Oxfords

There is a new shoe love in my life and it's these Christian Siriano Debonair Oxfords. I was recently on the hunt for a new pair of brown boots and stumbled across these in a Payless Shoesource. How unlike Payless to have some seriously adorable shoes that are made incredibly well. I love me some Payless shoes since they're usually so cheap, but I'm not expecting much in the quality and longevity department. 

I didn't come away from the trip with the boots I was looking for, but in a way these are so much better. They had a few different color choices, but I went with the oxblood option. They're a mix between matte and glossy with a very firm toe and thick sole. I trudged through the wilderness in them and didn't worry about them not keeping up. They did bother my toes a bit, but I'm still breaking them in and know they'll be 100% comfy in no time.

I'm loving having these babies in my pretty pathetic shoe collection. I always think I'll wear the shoes I buy but they end up in a pile somewhere going unloved. These I know I'll definitely get use out of while breaking away from my moccasin loving ways.

Have you picked up any new shoes lately?

xoxo Kayla

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  1. I love this colour in leather or leather-look goods! I'm eyeing up a Zara bag in an oxblood shade at the moment.


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