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ModCloth Gift Guide

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Let's kick off the 2014 Gift Guide Series with one of my favorite places to shop. I've bought countless dresses and decor items over the years and have already placed a few gift orders for friends. Here are some goodies I've stumbled across that would make great gifts for the quirky people in your life. 

104 Things to Photograph is an awesome book for a budding photographer or someone who could use a little motivation to pick up the camera again. I love these fun books that help motivate you to get out and have a hobby. When I saw the Finders Steepers Infuser I had to stop myself from putting it into my cart immediately. A squirrel whose tail infuses the loose tea into your cup?! I need regardless of the fact I have a very nice tea pot that infuses loose tea like a champ and in large quantities. There are a bunch of really adorable tea infusers for sale for any tea obsessed friends or squirrel enthusiasts. 

Who wouldn't want a bacon and egg Brunch Bunch Scarf to keep them warm for what I fear will be one of the worst winters I've ever experienced? I love pieces like this that are quirky, unique, and unlike anything other people have. Plus I love bacon so it's a win, win right? Keeping along with quirky the The Wes Anderson Collection Book would be perfect for the movie buff in your life or a fellow Wes Anderson lover (I am obsessed). Filled with awesome photos and behind the scenes scoops about all his movies, this is screaming coffee table book.

The Mac & Cheese Cookbook must be a gift from the gods. A whole book dedicated to making macaroni and cheese even better is something every mac-n-cheese connoisseur needs in their life. Just like the Doctor the Recipe Shaker Set for the Whovians out there. There are just some items that will make you smile at every use.

Finally there's just something about The More You Gnome Zen Garden that makes me believe it could be the perfect gift this season. It's thoughtful yet quirky in a way that would spruce up anyone's office or add a little something extra to a room. I've always enjoyed the thought of zen gardens and adding adorable mushrooms and gnomes makes it ten times better.

Stay tuned for more posts from my 2014 Gift Guide Series! Would you get any of these items for your friends and family?

xoxo Kayla

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  1. These are all such cute, quirky gifts! I especially love the squirrel tea steeper.


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