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Monet Rejuveniqe Oil

Let me start off by saying that oils and I usually don't get along with oils. Any hair oil leaves my poor fine hair feeling greasy and disgusting. Before the Monet Rejuveniqe Oil I didn't even consider putting an oil somewhere other than my hair. Sure it's specifically for hair, but I've started using this oil on my skin and couldn't be happier.

The packaging is seriously divine. Shiny silver metal with the coolest eye dropper makes this packaging worthy of staying out on my beauty desk. The oil isn't thick but more slippery in texture. Plus it smells like yellow Starbursts. Yes please.

I like to use this oil on my elbows primarily. It sinks in incredibly fast and leaves my skin feeling soft and no longer like elephant skin. In regards to how it works in the hair it didn't leave my hair feeling greasy and gross after a few hours. My hair felt softer than ever before and didn't have as much static as it usually does this time of year.

I've definitely judged oils too harshly before this. Not all oils are created equal and this one is definitely a lovely one.

What hair/skin oils do you like to use?

xoxo Kayla 

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  1. I love the packaging, it's so luxurious! I actually hate having oil on my skin, too greasy! But I love oil treatments in my hair haha. Sounds like it's a good oil though :)

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