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The 2014 Gift Guide Series

I've been itching to start this series since September and now it's finally an appropriate time to kick off the 2014 gift guide series! Every week there will be new gift guides featuring some of my favorite places to shop! I'll show you some of my favorite goodies from each shop to help you pick the perfect gifts for the people on your list. If there are any discounts running I'll provide those too!

Instead of sorting the gift guides based on person I've decided to switch things up and sort them based on store. Lots of the stores I shop at have very distinct styles that I want to highlight. Plus it'll be easier to place one order if you're shopping online instead of going back again if you see another item you'd like in a later post. 

Some stores I'll be featuring are: ModCloth, Sephora, Paper Source, Etsy, ThinkGeek, and more!

If you have any shops you'd like to see a gift guide post for just let me know!

xoxo Kayla

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