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This Week's Most Loved #44

Let's talk weekly favorites shall we? I've been in an exploring mood lately and have been digging around my stash a lot. I've rekindled love with some products and have fell in love with a few new ones. 

The OFRA BB Cream is a new discovery that I've been head over heels about. It's a cross between the NARS tinted moisturizer and a BB cream, so light coverage yet still improves the look of my skin. Plus the amount of product you get for the price is phenomenal. Not the best for travel, but I rarely do so I'm a happy camper. I have the shade "light" and it's perfect for my not fair but still light skin tone. It blends like a dream and looks dewy all day.

It's that time of year where LUSH's Mint Julips Lip Scrub becomes my best friend again. I have a terrible habit of biting on my lips and the cold winds don't help the situation. This minty treat is perfect for getting all the gross bits off my lips and making them smooth again. A must have for someone like me if I want to not have crappy looking lipstick applications.

Another old favorite that's getting some love from me lately is the LORAC Pro Palette. I'm not as obsessed with this guy as everyone else seems to be, but I do like to give it a whirl now and again. I've been loving the middle shades for a nice neutral look. These shadows are pigmented, so if you have fall out trouble like I do, be prepared.

Revlon's "Wine Not" has quickly climbed the ranks to being one of my top blushes. It's unlike anything I have in my collection. It's dark, but not too dark that you'll be blending for days. The perfect autumn/winter blush with a butt load of pigmentation. My only wish is that it filled the entire packaging and I didn't get a silly brush with it.

My hair is finally getting some attention again. For months I've blow dried it quickly and went on my merry way. But lately I've been finding a few spare moments in the morning to throw a little product in it and have been loving the results. My go to is the L'Oréal TXT It Tousle Waves Spray. It definitely doesn't give my hair waves, but it adds volume and grit to it so it isn't just flat and lifeless. I don't expect much when it comes to hair products with my fine and stubborn hair, but anything that does something I'm all for. Plus it smells really good.

What products have you been loving this week?

xoxo Kayla


  1. I need to pick up some of the Revlon blushes as I've seen them all over the internet lately and have always ignored them in store!

  2. I love the lush lip scrubs, I really don't know what I'd do without mine xx


  3. Brushes that come with blushers are so silly aren't they! They're so small they'd only ever apply a stripe on the cheek haha!


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