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The Best of Microscope Beauty: 2014

It's been one crazy year on Microscope Beauty and I found myself itching to know which posts have gotten the most views over the past months. So I clicked on over to Google Analytics to see what you lovely readers have been enjoying the most.

5. I wrote this Makeup Starter Kit post in February and it is still getting love. A perfect way to start exploring makeup without spending a bunch of money on products you don't know if you'll like. Plus which tools and brushes you'll need starting out.

4. The Makeup Collection Clean Out & Organization post is probably my favorite post of the year for how much work went into making it and the corresponding video. The video is definitely the most viewed video on my channel this year. I had tons of makeup I wasn't using and desperately needed a new organizational system. I'm still using the end result I came up with.

3. The 5 Products Worth Your Money post is definitely one that I plan on doing more in the future. A no fluff post where I share with you products that I definitely think you should spend your precious pennies on. 

2. I'm surprised that the NARS Satin Lip Pencil in "Rikugien" is number two on this list. One of the first posts I actually used my face in, I share my love for a new NARS find. At this point the NARS obsession had just begun, if only past me could see the NARS collection now!

1. The most viewed post on Microscope Beauty this past year was the Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette and coordinating giveaway. Filled with swatches, an eye look, and a lot of positive adjectives, this post took some time to make. I was super happy to be able to do a giveaway so one of you guys could get a palette as well!

I'm curious to know what your favorite Microscope Beauty post has been this past year so definitely leave your thoughts in the comments below. Also feel free to leave any suggestions on posts you'd like to see in the future.

Thanks for a lovely 2014 and I can't wait to see where this blog goes in 2015!

xoxo Kayla

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