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The Edit Archive

As we wind down the rest of the year I've been spending a lot of time digging through Microscope Beauty archives looking at this past year's posts. Edit posts are some of my favorite to do. I get to gather up all the products I have in a category and share the good and the bad while providing recommendations. I've gone all the way back to the start of the year to bring you all the edits thus far on Microscope Beauty.

The Foundation Edit: This post should be renamed the Drugstore Foundation Edit as I've now ventured into the world of high end foundations. I give you the ins and outs of three different foundations I had been working with and still strongly agree with my review.

The Primer Edit: Although there are new primer loves in my life (a post to revisit is definitely in order) this post still does a great job at covering the wide range of primers out there. A must read if you're curious about the primer life.

The Palette Edit: A good'un if you're looking to find which palette to purchase next. I gather up all my guilty pleasures and talk about how many shadows I use in each, pigmentation, and so much more.

The Skincare Edit: Probably my favorite edit of them all, these are the products that I can't get enough of in my skincare routine. You can see a lot of them in action in my recent Evening Skincare Routine video.

The Eye Cream Edit: After realizing just how many eye creams I've managed to accumulate this year, an eye cream edit was definitely in order. No two eye creams are alike and if this post can help you at least weed out some bad options, I'll be a happy camper.

Be sure to leave a comment if there are any edit posts you'll like to see!

xoxo Kayla

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