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Un-Stylish But Ok With It

For years I poured over magazines and admired well coordinated outfits. I've been on the hunt for my style for as long as I remember. But recently I've come to a realization that has me more content than I could have ever imagined, I am not stylish. And you know what? That's completely ok with me. Sure I still enjoy putting an outfit together, but there's nothing wrong with rockin' the moccs until they deteriorate on my feet. 

It's really hard these days with so many beautiful, stylish women producing amazing content and videos to understand that just because they've figured out there style, doesn't mean you ever have to. If you have an awfully ugly sweater you just love to death, wear it. I've spent too much energy stressing over keeping up with trends and having the perfect wardrobe that I've made myself feel like I'll never be good enough or stylish enough. That's silly. And I'm no longer interested in keeping up with everyone.

There may or may not be fashion posts on this blog in the future, but they won't be influenced by anything other than what I like regardless of being trendy or on point. So there may be my over worn moccasins in the post because I don't want to kid anyone into thinking I wear heels and fantastically planned out outfits. 

Props to all those that have some serious style, but I'm definitely not among them. And there's nothing wrong with that.

xoxo Kayla

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