How a Pottery Class Taught Me About My Relationship

How a Pottery Class Taught Me About My Relationship

After wrapping up our first pottery class last week, I couldn’t help but get a little nostalgic and think back on the entire process. It was loads of fun and definitely something we would do again. It was a ten week course for three hours every Saturday. We improved leaps and bounds by the last class, but my favorite part might just be what I learned about Alex and our relationship in the process.
  • We work very differently, something I already knew quite well, but we worked very great together despite that. He was a very messy, all over the place kind of worker, but produced a lot of beautiful pieces quite quickly. I was all about precision and taking my time, which made me a great glazer to take all of our pieces to a great finished form. 
  • Our styles compliment each other in ways I never noticed before. Every single piece he created I loved and wanted to immediately keep for myself. He couldn’t get enough of all the bowls I was making. We created very different things but they worked so well together.
  • Alex works incredibly hard to become good at something if at first it doesn’t really click. We found out a few classes in that Alex actually throws left-handed, but until that discovery moment he struggled along trying to throw right-handed. He kept working at it and didn’t get frustrated when it wasn’t going his way.
  • We can be at different skill levels and it doesn’t affect anything. Because Alex had such a hard time starting out, I became better than him at the start. He didn’t pout and I didn’t boast. We encouraged each other to push ourselves without carrying who’s better or worse.
  • We are a good team regardless of what we think sometimes. We rarely work together during the week days since we have such a different work style, but when we do work together, our two personalities really shine as one cohesive unit.
Beyond the fact that I loved getting out of the apartment for a few set hours each week, I really enjoyed watching Alex’s process and spending some time with him. Relationships are definitely ever-changing creatures, but I’m happy to say pottery definitely taught me a thing or two about mine.
xoxo Kayla 
How I Stay Organized

How I Stay Organized

How you organize yourself really should adapt and change just like your life does. Although I just recently filmed this video, I’ve already started looking for a better, easier way to streamline my organizational process to work the very best for me. It’s totally ok to be happy with it one week and want to switch things up the next!
What do you do to stay organized?
xoxo Kayla
5 Evening Habits to Get Into

5 Evening Habits to Get Into

There’s just something about the evening that I can’t get enough of. I love the feeling of winding down and getting ready for a nice night of sleep. Everything feels cozy and warm. Yet the evening is an important time to bring in some good habits to make sure you’re getting the most out of the time right before bed.
  1. Read something. Anything really. Whether it’s a comic book or an article in a magazine, let yourself relax with something that isn’t technology based.
  2. Pamper yourself with a good skincare routine that also helps heal your skin throughout the night. Use an overnight mask that works while you sleep to make your skin look so much healthier and brighter in the morning.
  3. Give yourself 30 minutes without technology before heading to bed. This would be an awesome time to read and give your brain a break.
  4. Tidy up your place so when you wake up in the morning you aren’t faced with dirty dishes or a messy living room. Taking a few minutes to pick up can really improve your mood and make it easier to fall asleep.
  5. Keep a gratitude journal or at the very least reflect on the day that you’ve had. Thinking of all the positive things that happened can really improve your mood as you head to sleep and it’s always good to be thankful!
Now go cozy up with a good book and get into the habit of having an amazing evening, every evening.
xoxo Kayla
5 Morning Habits to Get Into

5 Morning Habits to Get Into

I’m definitely an on and off again morning person. I can go months with waking up super early and then suddenly can barely pull myself out of bed at a normal hour. I’ve found that these five morning habits help make every morning a good one and ultimately make me more productive throughout the day.
  1. Don’t start the day with social media, or checking your phone. Give yourself some time to wake up before diving straight into the internet/work load for the day. Bombarding yourself with so much information so early could easily start your day off on the wrong foot.
  2. Practice a morning skincare routine, even if it’s just a few steps. You’ll not only end up looking more awake, but you’ll feel better knowing your skin is clean and not starting the day of gunked up with makeup from the day before.
  3. Eat something for breakfast, even if it’s just something small. Starting your day off with a bit of food jump starts your metabolism and keeps you from becoming hangry.
  4. Drink a glass of water. Seriously. 
  5. Give yourself time and don’t wake up with just enough minutes to rush through your morning routine and fly out the door. Even waking up just 15 minutes earlier can make a huge difference. If you start your day off calm, chances are the rest of the day will follow similarly. Why not try to give yourself the best possible advantage?
Mornings get a bad rep, but they can be great quiet times to reflect, focus, and prepare for the day. These five steps are just a few of the really easy ways to make your mornings start off better and get you in the perfect position to have an amazing day.
xoxo Kayla
What You Need to Know About the Planner Community

What You Need to Know About the Planner Community

What You Need to Know About the Planner Community
The planner community is definitely an interesting one whether you’ve been a part of it for years or a spectator not sure what’s happening to a bunch of grown ups over stickers. So here’s what you need to know about the planner community no matter your relationship to it.

If you’re just getting started
  • It isn’t as scary, expensive, overwhelming as it looks.
  • You’ll make some planner buddies in no time.
  • And they’ll be super awesome.
  • Not all Facebook groups are the same, so find some that make you feel comfortable and yourself.
  • You’ll find your place in the planner community, be it stickers, stamping, or a combination of everything.
  • Just like everywhere in life, there will be cliques, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find your happy place.
  • Don’t ask if you should get another planner or more stickers, we will always say yes.
If you’re completely oblivious
  • We know it’s just stickers, but we’re ok with that.
  • There are so many lovely, generous, kindhearted people who will bend over backwards to help another planner pal.
  • We really do need more than one planner, trust us.
  • People start planning for so many different reasons, but they stay for the community.
  • It isn’t just a fad. Planning isn’t going anywhere, it’s just changing how it looks.
If you’re a significant other of a planner addict
  • We know it’s just stickers, don’t judge!
  • There will be a lot of really adorable packages being delivered and we already feel the sticker buying guilt so just turn the other cheek.
  • We’ll just keep buying more anyway.
  • Planner internet friends are so much better than regular internet friends.
I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this crazy planner community and see where it takes us next!
xoxo Kayla