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This Week's Most Loved #55

There's a new palette in town that has me twelve shades of happy. You all know my obsession with the Stila in the Light Palette and now it has begun with the Stila in the Moment Palette. Good heavens is it a beauty. I've always been a fan of purple shadows, but have never really took the plunge for anything that contained a decent amount of them. This palette is perfect. The same great quality and pigmentation, but with a lot more "risky" colors. It also came with a Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in "Tetra," but that has gone to mingle with my other eyeliners. A full review of this palette is imminent.

Another new product this week is the L'Oréal Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray. I love my Urban Decay All Nighter spray so I picked this up in hopes for a dupe. It's not exactly like the Urban Decay offering, but I've been loving it all the same. It still helps my makeup last longer and look fresher, but to be completely honest I still like the Urban Decay one more.

I fall in and out of love with lip liners on a monthly basis. This week they're back in my good graces and the Urban Decay 24-7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in "Manic" is always top of the list. The perfect "my lips but better" shade that helps keep lipsticks in place and lasting. I'm not a fan of wearing just lip liners on their own, but I'm sure this one would do a great job at that as well.

We are in the dead of winter these days so the LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub has become my best friend. It gets rid of all that dry, gross skin on the lips to get the back to tip top shape. Just be sure to apply a lip balm after.

Finally I have a new-found love for makeup sponges lately. I've always liked using them, but lately it's been my go to means for applying foundations. They provide a really nice, natural looking finish without too much coverage. Plus they keep my hands from getting trashed. Win, win.

What products have you been loving this week?

xoxo Kayla


January Favorites + Giveaway

I'm usually not one for wanting a month to pass by quickly, but January couldn't get over fast enough! It was a whirlwind of work, projects, and social events that has me exhausted at the end of it all. I did fall in love with a few old favorites and discovered some awesome products this month though! Pro tip: watch until the end as I'm giving away the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment!

What are your favorite products in January?

xoxo Kayla


Planner Decorating Goodies

My love of all things stickers, sticky notes, and washi tape has reached an all new high lately. The ever-so thoughtful Alex is getting me an Erin Condren Life Planner as an early Valentine's gift after me ranting on for months about how much I wanted one, but how expensive they are. My most recent purchase in preparation for the big day (it should be soon!) is from a Etsy shop called Lady en de Vagehond. When the package arrived and I saw just how cute everyone was, I had to share some photos.

Although I'm an avid believer in the Target Dollar Spot for their cheap yet amazing pads of paper and sticky notes, sometimes I just can't help spending a little extra for super cute sticky notes. Just look at them. The cute shapes, the adorable sayings, the variety. My ECLP can't get here soon enough.

If you're interested or into planner decorating, the Erin Condren Life Planner, or just adorable stationery in general, I'll be posting weekly spreads, plan with me posts, and more on my lifestyle blog. I can only imagine my insane excitement when that package finally arrives.

Until then I'll sit quietly...waiting...

xoxo Kayla


Keeping it Simple

If you're looking at the photo thinking, "that's simple?!" I feel ya. Yet I can do all of these steps in a matter of five minutes to produce a simple makeup look that works even on my most tired of days.

For me, primer is a must and I look no further than my raved over Stila One Step Correct. On days where I'm keeping it super simple I'll wear just this as a base. It evens out my complexion while adding a little bit more hydration. For base I've been mixing together my NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer with a bit of the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. I was still on the fence about the Laura Mercier offering until I combined with with the NARS one. The perfect shade and I can really tell the difference the Laura Mercier moisturizer adds. The Bobbi Brown Corrector in "Light Bisque" is just the thing to cover up any pesky under eye circles that love to linger. Then I sweep a little bit of the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in "Fearless". The bold pink pop adds just the right amount of life to my skin.

For the eye area it's an easy few steps. First it's brows and I bounce between the Anastasia Brow Wiz in "Light Brown" and my other brow pencils. Then I take a combination of the Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Sleek & Spice" and mix it with "Chocolate Suede" for the perfect shimmery bronze. I dab a bit more of "Chocolate Suede" on the corners of my lids, sweep on some of Clinique's High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara (a full review is coming soon), and my eyes are done.

For lips I wish I could tell you I get adventurous, but it's MAC "Syrup" almost on the daily for me. I found my lost tube when cleaning out my car one day, so now I have two. Perfectly fine by me as I struggle to wear anything but.

I'm sure I can simplify my makeup routine down even more, but this provides me just enough coverage to make me feel like I'm looking good no matter what day it is.

What do you do for your simple makeup routine?

xoxo Kayla



Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paints

When I stumbled upon the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paints in the drugstore aisle a few weeks ago I couldn't get them into my basket fast enough. I resisted the urge to buy them all and picked up "Rich Russet" and "Pomegranate." They seemed like the perfect lazy girl's tool for an easy makeup look. I've used them for a few weeks and am diligently reporting back my findings. Buckle up for a mixed review.

The packaging and applicator are great. It's sort of a spongy tip but remains firm when brushed across the lids. There is plenty of product in the tubes so these will last you for quite a while. The pigmentation is fantastic and they last all day without fading.

Yet I find that I still haven't figured out the best way to apply them. At first I just swept a little of the product on my lids and then blending out with my fingers, but the results were faint and not as pigmented as I wanted. I then tried using the applicator to brush the product all over my lid. It provided a much more pigmented result, but the product felt quite wet and I worried it wasn't fully dry when I wanted to move on to my next step. It oddly enough felt wet on the lids, but I couldn't seem to blend out the sharp line well. So it was wet yet dry at the same time. I took a brush and went at it for a while and managed to get a decent blend in the end. I love the way it looked after all was said and done, but the process was less than ideal.

If you have time and energy to spend with this product to get it just right, you won't be disappointed. It has some serious pigmentation and staying power. But as a lazy girl's best friend it doesn't get a passing grade. I'll definitely keep using them and recommend them to friends, but won't be bringing them out on mornings I'm running late.

Have you tried these yet? What are your thoughts?

xoxo Kayla


This Week's Most Loved #54

When I was gathering products for this post it became quite clear that I have been gravitating towards the bronzey shades lately. Be it in product or packaging, I've been all about it. Up first is the newest addition to my Maybelline Color Tattoos collection, "Chocolate Suede." Although this is quite similar to "Bad to the Bronze," I wanted to give their Leather collection a go. I still like "Bad to the Bronze" more, but really enjoy the deeper muddier shade of "Chocolate Suede." It's exactly the same consistency and pigmentation of the other Color Tattoos and a welcome addition to my little flock.

Although I gave the NARS "Tolede" Lipstick a mixed review a few months ago, I've found myself loving it on days where I don't want to wear a "look I'm wearing lipstick" color. Which, believe it or not, has been happening quite a lot lately. I love that it evens out my lip color and lasts ages. So much ease!

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm has found itself in my routine this week. I've been mixing it in with my primer to add another level of skin unifying goodness. I don't like the smell of this stuff, but when it's mixed with another product I can barely notice. I don't think it's a "run out and buy right away" kind of product, but it's been nice to throw it into the mix.

The Almay Intense I-Color Shimmer Eyeshadow for Green Eyes (mine are blue but whatever) is back and better than ever this week. I used to be downright obsessed with this trio for it's easy, pigmentation, and blendability. It's the perfect palette for mornings when you just can't be bothered to spend a lot of time thinking about what eye shadows to blend together. I ignored it for quite a while in favor of other palettes, but I've been more than happy to return to it this week.

What products have you been loving this week?

xoxo Kayla


How to Fake Looking Awake

When it comes to mornings, I'm all too familiar with them. They come too soon and leave me looking like I went to a crazy party the night before even though I just worked on Etsy orders. I've become quite skilled at using makeup to give the appearance that I got my beauty sleep the night before. 

Enjoy the video and let me know what you do to fake looking awake!

xoxo Kayla


Taking a Beauty Risk

Even if you've only been reading this blog for a week, you'll know that I am not one to take beauty risks. I like my routines, my-lips-but-better lipsticks, and keeping things simple. Yet I've suddenly found myself with an itch to start exploring makeup avenues I used to avoid. And I need your help.

I've always been incredibly interested by contouring, but don't have a clue where to begin. Any advice, product recommendations, videos to watch, or tips in general would be greatly appreciated. I'm a fairly pale person so dark contouring products are definitely out. I understand the basic technique to get a good contour, but just can't seem to get it right. Can you just use a bronzer for contouring or do you need something special?

I'm also very stuck in my ways when it comes to lipsticks. There is a color zone that I stay within if I plan to our not and I'd love to start trying to break out of it. I've had red lips on the brain since becoming obsessed with Taylor Swift and her new CD, so any good red lip recommendations for a red lip phobic person like myself would be fantastic. I'm not afraid to go bold if the lipstick is just that good. I'm ready to take a risk.

It's easy to be perfectly happy in a routine and never even think about changing, but I want to mix things up and test my limits. I've been mulling over a big fashion shift as well (more on this in the future I'm sure) and thought I'd shake it up across the board and throw makeup into the mix too.

As always you guys are the perfect source for advice and recommendations so I'm eagerly awaiting to see what gems you put in the comments.

xoxo Kayla


5 Products to Buy This Month

These products will be quite familiar to you if you're a regular reader of Microscope Beauty. I've ranted and raved about them time and time again so it was about time I brought them all together to share what products you should buy this month if you're feeling spendy.

My love for Stila seems to know no bounds and the Stila in the Light Palette is definitely my most beloved palette (and last I checked on sale for $20! What?!?). The usage this baby gets. Even if it's just to use the fantastically large mirror to see my makeup up close, I can confidently say I use this on a daily basis. The color range is phenomenal as well as the color payoff. The shades are wearable and easy to blend. It can do no wrong in my book. Now to just get my hands on some of the other palettes Stila does...

I won't go too into the Clinique Chubby Stick in "Grandest Grape" since it does have an entire post dedicated to it, but if you haven't tried any of the balms from this line you are missing out big time. The Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray exceeds my expectations time and time again. It's a snap to spritz on my face in the mornings and I can actually see a difference in my makeup after application. I've always been a fan of the dewy look and this takes it one step closer to perfection.

I'm trying to not exhaust you with constant ramblings about the Too Faced Melted Liquefied Lipstick in "Melted Fig" but my damn is this stuff pigmented. The color pay off is out of this world, application is a breeze, and I'm so glad I got over my weird silly qualms over the packaging to give it a go. I have my sights on more, that's for sure.

A product that I downright adore but haven't seemed to give it the attention it deserves is the Stila Smudge Stick in "Damsel". The best liner I've used to date, hands down. Pigmented, creamy, no pulling, lasts ages. Everything you could possibly want and an impressive shade range to boot. 

What products would you recommend that I just have to buy this month?

xoxo Kayla



Where I Get My Stationery

I try as best I can to be minimalist when it comes to material possessions, but I can't say no to some good stationery. If I feel like I'm not alone in this constant need for more paper goods so I thought I'd round up my favorite places to buy stationery supplies!

  • Target's Dollar Spot is a mecca for stationery goodies. I swear I go a couple of times a week just to peek at their dollar section to see if they've put out anything new. Their Valentine's stuff is the best I've seen to date and I'm already getting excited to see what is in store for St. Patrick's Day. Their actual stationery section is also amazing if you're looking for something particular or want a set of cards.
  • Rifle Paper Co is a must for the beauty blogger. It's like if you don't own the set of Botanical Journals and use them occasionally in blog photos then you aren't a real beauty blogger. I'm sure that's not really the case, but they're the perfect little journals to add to photography, make your desk prettier, and to just cheer a girl up. The hilarious thing is I actually haven't written in any of the ones I own. I use them strictly for blog photos.
  • Paper Source is one of those stores that I don't shop at often, but I when I do I leave with a huge haul of stationery goodies. They also have an amazing selection of home-ware and gifts. I have to stop myself almost daily from buying the entire doughnut collection.
  • Etsy is filled with different shops that are selling some seriously amazing paper goods at reasonable prices. I recently discovered this shop from the Netherlands that sells downright adorable sticky note sets. I may have scooped up a bunch of them to decorate my planner with...a haul is imminent.
I would love to hear your favorite places to scoop up stationery as I'm always looking for an excuse to buy more! Do you hoard stationery like I do? What do you use those adorable little journals for?

xoxo Kayla


This Week's Most Loved #53

With my first grad class of the semester under my belt I can already tell these next few months are going to be a whirlwind. Break out the to do lists and serious planning sessions! This week I've been revisiting some old beauty favorites while trying out a new pair of socks.

Last year I was downright obsessed with Benefit's "That Gal" Brightening Primer and Mirabella's Colour Sheers "Daydream" Lipstick and they're back in my makeup routine once again. You will see them in action in my next beauty video on Thursday. They're great for helping my tired face have the illusion of getting more sleep than I actually have (hint hint!).

When I'm not swooning over the dark blushes I've been downright infatuated with the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in "Peaceful". It's the perfect shade to add a nice pop of color to the cheeks without being too much. Just the right amount of perky color!

Alex and I have been really getting into yoga practice lately so when Kushyfoot contacted me seeing if I was interested in trying out some of their exercise socks and Flats to Go, I was all for putting their Yoga Socks to the test. I can't get enough of them! They make it a million times easier to grip the mat as I'm struggling to hold poses (I still need a lot of practice!). I'm definitely going to need to get a few more of these and try to find ones that can fit Alex. They're a serious yoga game changer.

What products have you been loving this week?

xoxo Kayla


What's In My Bag

I'm as nosy as the next person, so I love having a peak into someone's bag and seeing what they tote around with them. It's been ages since I shared what I keep in my bag so I sat down today and went through all the random goods I carry around. From Mardi Gras beads to a car charger without a cord, my bag had a lot of interesting things inside it.

If you're interested in where I got any of the products check out the description box for the video!

What do you keep in your bag?

xoxo Kayla


Let's Chat!

My blog has grown a lot in readership the past few weeks and I'm beyond thankful for all the new readers joining the lovely community that reads Microscope Beauty. I love blogging for you guys, but would love to get to know you better! I'd love to hear about why you started reading blogs, if you blog, what makeup you love, and anything else you want to share! I can't wait to know more about my lovely readers!

Also feel free to share what blog posts you'd like to see on Microscope Beauty or what blog posts are your favorite to read! I want to make sure Microscope Beauty is just as much your place as it is mine!

xoxo Kayla


How I Plan Blog Content

As a downright busy body I have to be the queen of planning to keep up with everything I try to do in a week. I've used a lot of different methods over the past year and a half to help me stick to my 5 days a week blogging schedule, but nothing has worked as well as this new method. Let's get into it!

I ordered a custom notebook with my blog's name on it from Zazzle as motivation to get my blogging life together. Then with ruler in hand I went to work creating a grid system to help me keep track of every stage of a blog post's life. I made a box to check off for when I took a blog post's photos, when I edited them, when I wrote the copy for the post, when I scheduled the post, when the post went live, and Twitter and Instagram posts. That way I know exactly where each post is no matter what day it is.

When I'm brainstorming posts I write them in order based on what day they're going to go up. The lifestyle blog posts are put last in the week regardless of when I plan on posting them just to keep things straight in my head. Then I bracket off the week on the left side and write the week's dates in. I use a blue pen to make a dot next to lifestyle blog posts and a red one to mark YouTube video days (Thursday's post). 

My favorite thing about this new system is how it allows me to plan way in advance in a clear, easy way. Each week I post 7 posts, so I can plan weeks ahead by splitting up the sections into seven lines each. On Fridays I always post my This Week's Most Loved posts, so I can write those in for months in advance as I know they won't change. I can also schedule when I'm going to film my favorites videos and other types of posts that repeat themselves monthly. In the fourth photo you can see blanks in the pages where I'm planning posts for the end of February. I don't like to plan out every single post I do that far in advance because you never know what might come up, so leaving blanks allows me to sneak in a haul or a giveaway. 

In my actual planner I like to use the social media stickers I sell in my etsy shop to mark when I'm posting a YouTube video and to remind myself when to Instagram and tweet about posts. I also write down which posts are going live that week, just so I know what's going on if I happen to leave my blog planning book at home.

This system isn't fool-proof yet and one person's organization may not work for someone else, but I love how it's working out for me right now. I feel much more organized and I'm able to get ahead when I have free time so when a busy week comes up I'll still be able to share content with you all on a regular basis!

How do you stay organized? How do you plan blog posts? How would you improve this method?

xoxo Kayla


Back to the Drugstore Aisles

I'll be the first to admit that I've been quite the high end snob these days. I just can't help myself, but knew I was missing out on a lot of great finds in the drugstore aisles for way cheaper prices. So I said goodbye to my snobby ways (at least for a little bit) to poke around the drugstore for a bit. I'm quite pleased with the goodies I brought home.

I always have to look over the Rimmel stand to see if anything new has turned up and I wasn't disappointed when I found the Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paints. I love these types of products and scooped up "Rich Russet" and "Pomegranate" before having to stop myself from buying them all. "Pomegranate" is a beautiful rusty red that makes me giddy to try out. "Rich Russet" is a classic bronze brown that I just can't buy enough of apparently. 

Another product I can never escape when I find myself in the drugstore aisle is a new Maybelline Color Tattoo. I had yet to see the Leather collection and had to contain a squeal of delight. The people around me wouldn't have understood the joy. I decided on just one (let's not go overboard here...) and picked up "Chocolate Suede". It quite dark in the pot, but blends out lovely with little gold sparkles throughout. A one sweep wonder I'm sure.

I'm always on the hunt for another good mascara to add to the list and the Maybelline Lash Senstational Mascara peaked my interest. I know nothing about this mascara or haven't read any reviews, so it's a sincere blind trail I'm getting myself into. I'll report back.

Have you picked up any goodies from the drugstore recently?

xoxo Kayla


This Week's Most Loved #52

Whenever Friday rolls around I feel like I've overcome some epic feat of patience and will power. Work weeks are just something else lately and two days "off" are a welcome relief. 

I am fully embedded in my burgundy mauve love fest. The Stila Convertible Color in "Rose" has graced me cheeks the majority of the week and on the off chance I decided against it I was wearing LiSi's "Bali" Blush. Two perfectly opposite sides of the spectrum that have really suited my indecisive ways this week. "Rose" is my first Convertible Color and I'm already obsessed with the creamy, alarmingly pigmented product. Still have yet to give it a go on my lips but it's definitely on my to do list. "Bali" is a lovely peachy nude shade that provides just the slightest wash of color to the cheeks. It's been freezing here so the winter cold does the rest of the work.

I warned you that I was likely to go on and on about the Too Faced Melted Lipstick in "Melted Fig" and I'm staying true to that promise. It's love ladies and gentlemen. The packing is perfect, the product is pigmented and long lasting while being moisturizing, and the color is the perfect mauve purple shade. It's just dark enough that I feel like I'm being rebellious, but still not too dark that chicken me won't shy away from it. When I'm not dabbing on "Melted Fig" I've been rekindling my affection for the Revlon Matte Balm in "Sultry". It's on the pinkier side of things from "Melted Fig" and has a lovely matte finish that helps the product last ages longer than normal. It's still hydrating and has that classic mint smell and taste. 

Finally the Kiko Shadow in "137 Rame Perlato" to get the burgundy action on my eyes. It's not as red as it looks when applied and gives my blue eyes some serious wow factor. These shadows are fantastic and I'm bummed I didn't pick up more while I was in Italy last summer. Hindsight is 20/20.

What products have you been loving this week?

xoxo Kayla


Overview: NARS

It's strange to think if I had never started blogging I would have never felt the itch to explore the expensive, yet alluring NARS brand. This post could easily be called Blogging Made Me Buy It, but I'll be exploring NARS and giving you an overview of the brand along with my general thoughts.

The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer was the first NARS product to come into my life the same day I purchased my first MAC product (fun fact). I had read about it and watched it in action in YouTube videos for months and just had to have it. I used to use it primarily for under my eyes, but it can be a bit heavy and fade easily if you don't pay attention to it. It's truly amazing with blemishes though. Red spots can't be seen after this stuff gets a hold of them.

I'm just going to go out on a limb and say that the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizers are my favorite NARS products. They're the perfect summer coverage and give my skin an amazing dewy glow that other bases just can't seem to achieve. It's a very light coverage, but still manages to hid any uneven skin tones and reduces redness effortlessly. A must try. The newest NARS addition to my little collection is their Sheer Glow Foundation. A medium to heavy coverage that makes skin look flawless, just as long as you get the right shade. I love the consistency of this and with a damp sponge application is a breeze. As I've said before though the color range is interesting and you have to be careful when selecting your shade as things seem to run a bit yellow.

The blogging world definitely convinced me I had to have the limited edition NARS Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Cheek Palette. I had been eyeing up "Orgasm" for a while and this palette included it. So I said goodbye to my money and hello to the world of NARS blushes. Although incredibly expensive, this palette has definitely gotten its use. I won't go into too much detail as it's only available on ebay and amazon these days, but it was a great buy that helped me to see just how pigmented and creamy NARS blushes are.

On to lips which is a genre I've only recently started to explore in NARS. Their Satin Lip Pencil in "Rikugien" is creamy yet feels permanent on the lips. It's a hard feeling to explain but its as if you can just tell that it'll stay on your lips for a while, long after the creamy moisturizing goodness has worn off. It's a perfect nude mauve color and so easy to use. On the darker side of things is the "Mirihi Island Beach" lip pencil. By far my favorite product design for a lip pencil making things a snap to use (it's a twist up!), this shade is a lot darker than I expected it would be. Yet it's still easy to get that perfect line and when I'm feeling bold I'll be sure to bring this out. "Tolede" satin lipstick leaves something to be desired as it is just too close to my natural lip color for me to even notice I'm wearing it. The consistency is great however and I'm sure a darker shade would be marvelous. And the packaging. Swoon.

Regardless of quality, NARS is still a really expensive brand for us working girls. There are loads of brands out there that are creating just as wonderful products for less, but I can't deny the pull to purchase NARS. Using the products feel like a decadent experience. It's not something I'll purchase every shopping trip, but as a little treat to myself every now and again. So if you have some spare cash laying around and want to treat yo self, you can't go wrong with NARS.

Do you own any NARS products? Which ones? Anything I should give a try? What do you think about the brand?

xoxo Kayla



A Burgundy Obsession

Before the arctic tundra hit Michigan and makeup application took a backseat to literally wrapping myself in clothing, I was down right obsessed with burgundy. The obsession is still alive under all these layers and I've gathered up a handful of my favorite burgundy/oxblood items to share with you.

Every time I look at Revlon's "Wine Not" or the Stila Convertible Color in "Rose" I naturally think, "That's just too damn dark for my face." Yet with a light hand and some strategic product placement these blushes are definitely my favorites. I've been going for a more bold cheek lately and have been really loving the results. It's also incredibly easy to do in the mornings before I'm pulling on my ugly snow boots to face the world. 

I didn't know exactly how I'd get on with the Too Faced Melted Lipstick in "Melted Fig" as I've never been one for lipgloss-esque products, but boy is this stuff fabulous. More like a stain/lipstick combo, the coloration is alarmingly good and it lasts for ages. The product itself is a touch more redish purple than the packaging suggests so keep that in mind when considering a purchase. Plus the packaging gets two thumbs up for me. 

A burgundy post wouldn't be complete without my beloved "Plumful" and "Grandest Grape". Two colors I've talked to death in my 2014 Favorites video, I blame them for my growing love for all things burgundy. Two products you need to own, but at the very least give a swatch.

Nothing gets me more in the burgundy mood than my Christian Siriano Debonair Oxfords. Although they're definitely not winter weather appropriate (they do keep the water out however), I stare longingly at them dreaming of warmer months where I can traipse around in them again. Never has a shoe gotten me so many compliments.

This love affair with all things burgundy will sure to continue when I can feel my hands again. What burgundy products are you in love with?

xoxo Kayla


A Sports Bra for the Busty Girls

Finding bras that fit is a complete nightmare. Everyone always envies the well-endowed girls, but the bra struggle is real for us busty gals. And when it comes to sports bras I had just about given up until I ran across the Victoria's Secret Ultimate Sport Bra in a clearance bin during a recent shopping trip. I've made it a habit of mine to pop in to any VS outlet store and poke around in the barely full bin in my size. Sometimes I come up gold. Never have I gotten this lucky.

This bra is unlike any other I've experienced and I must say I'm highly impressed. It's built very similarly to a bra with under wire supporting all the jiggly bits, but is flexible and easy to move it.I love the fact that there's enough fabric in the front to cover up the cleavage I rather not have spilling out everywhere during a yoga workout. The large straps were a little strange at first but they're just the thing to hold everything up and secure. The girls are definitely held in place, but without feeling like I'm going to pass out from boob strangulation. 

If you know of any great bras for the top heavy gal send some recommendations my way.

xoxo Kayla



How to Find Blogging Inspiration

After the buzz of the holidays has died down I find that I have a harder time than ever coming up with engaging content for my blog. I blame it on one too many cookies, but have found a few ways to help find some inspiration for blogging when all hope seems lost.

  • Read other blogs. I by no means suggest stealing ideas from other bloggers, but reading content about things you blog about could help stir up some ideas. Or write a spin-off to a post you really enjoyed (always credit back to the original creator). Spending time reading about things that interest you can help you come up with ideas for posts that interest you too.
  • Surf the web. Browsing various sites on the internet can spur a lot of good ideas you may not have had otherwise. Maybe you'll see an outfit you love and suddenly want to do a post inspired by it. Get out of your website comfort zone as well by exploring new sites. Try stumbleupon if you're having trouble.
  • Look at your blog's archive. Blog post ideas could be right under your nose without you even realizing it. Take some time and look back at your old posts. Maybe there's a series in the making and you haven't realized it yet. Or you could do a follow up post and compare whether or not you like the same products you did then. Use your past self as inspiration!
  • Take a break. Sometimes spending too much time with content can leave it feeling flat and dull. Take some time away from technology and beauty related things to give yourself a bit of a detox. That way when you come back to it you'll be refreshed and ready to approach it in a new way.
  • Try something new. If you've never done a recipe post before, write one. Start a new lifestyle series or take a photo every hour for a day and write about the experience. If you can't seem to come up with something in your usual genre of writing, then get out of that genre!
  • Don't stress too much. If I'm having trouble coming up with something to write about, stressing over it only makes things worse. When I take a step back, realize it's not the end of the world if I don't post, and approach brainstorming with a clearer head, things always end up so much more productive.
It's important to remember that for the majority of us bloggers, it's just a hobby. Don't put too much pressure on yourself and mix things up a bit. You'll be back to blogging like a champ in no time.

How do you find blogging inspiration?

xoxo Kayla


2014 Favorites

Phew! I made it to the other side of 2014 relatively unscathed and have a lot of goodies to talk about. So sit back and enjoy the longest video I've ever filmed. I share a hilariously awkward story about a lip crayon and go on about the magic of the MAC 217 brush. It's a video you won't want to miss.

What are your favorite products of 2014?

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This Week's Most Loved #51

This Week's Most Loved post is coming at you a little earlier than usual as there is going to be a special treat for tomorrow's post. I've been deep into my holiday break from work but seem to be doing more work than ever before. Makeup application has taken a back seat this week behind completing absurd amounts of Oh, Hello orders and working on different projects. 

It's the dead of winter in Michigan and moisture rich products are more important than ever. I've really been enjoying toting the Bliss Grapefruit+Aloe Body Butter Maximum Moisture Cream with me on a day to day basis. It smells great and gives my hand some much needed hydration that these cold winds are stealing away every time I step outside!

In keeping my makeup routine simple this week I've rekindled my love for the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in "Rush". 100% a my lips but better shade this stuff is thick so it can stand up against the winter while not being too heavy on the lips. It's moisturizing to boot.

Every now and again I'll pull out my old favorite, theBalm's FratBoy for the perfect wash of peachy pink perfection. There are times I'll go months only wearing this blush so I try to tuck it away every now and again to give my other blushes a chance. It's pigmented, lasts all day on the cheeks, and has some seriously cute packaging.

For eye shadow the simpler the better this week and nothing is easier than the Maybelline Color Tattoos (this one is in "Inked in Pink"). I just get a bit on my finger and quickly blend it out on the lids for just the right amount of color without much effort. 

What products have you been wearing this week? What did you wear on New Year's Eve?

xoxo Kayla
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