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How I Plan Blog Content

As a downright busy body I have to be the queen of planning to keep up with everything I try to do in a week. I've used a lot of different methods over the past year and a half to help me stick to my 5 days a week blogging schedule, but nothing has worked as well as this new method. Let's get into it!

I ordered a custom notebook with my blog's name on it from Zazzle as motivation to get my blogging life together. Then with ruler in hand I went to work creating a grid system to help me keep track of every stage of a blog post's life. I made a box to check off for when I took a blog post's photos, when I edited them, when I wrote the copy for the post, when I scheduled the post, when the post went live, and Twitter and Instagram posts. That way I know exactly where each post is no matter what day it is.

When I'm brainstorming posts I write them in order based on what day they're going to go up. The lifestyle blog posts are put last in the week regardless of when I plan on posting them just to keep things straight in my head. Then I bracket off the week on the left side and write the week's dates in. I use a blue pen to make a dot next to lifestyle blog posts and a red one to mark YouTube video days (Thursday's post). 

My favorite thing about this new system is how it allows me to plan way in advance in a clear, easy way. Each week I post 7 posts, so I can plan weeks ahead by splitting up the sections into seven lines each. On Fridays I always post my This Week's Most Loved posts, so I can write those in for months in advance as I know they won't change. I can also schedule when I'm going to film my favorites videos and other types of posts that repeat themselves monthly. In the fourth photo you can see blanks in the pages where I'm planning posts for the end of February. I don't like to plan out every single post I do that far in advance because you never know what might come up, so leaving blanks allows me to sneak in a haul or a giveaway. 

In my actual planner I like to use the social media stickers I sell in my etsy shop to mark when I'm posting a YouTube video and to remind myself when to Instagram and tweet about posts. I also write down which posts are going live that week, just so I know what's going on if I happen to leave my blog planning book at home.

This system isn't fool-proof yet and one person's organization may not work for someone else, but I love how it's working out for me right now. I feel much more organized and I'm able to get ahead when I have free time so when a busy week comes up I'll still be able to share content with you all on a regular basis!

How do you stay organized? How do you plan blog posts? How would you improve this method?

xoxo Kayla


  1. Blimey! That's a very in-depth way, looks like so much fun. Love the little stickers too - I don't even know if I have enough time to plan blog posts that much let alone write them haha :)

  2. Ooh love this. I struggle with keeping my blog post ideas organised.. Will definitely take some tips from this :)


  3. This is so cute and really great job with this. I love how organized you are and I am like that too but I have focused more on using my iPad. You definitely inspired me to write them down more and it gives me an excuse to buy a cute notebook.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  4. Fab post, I love the idea of doing a table of things to do with a blog post - very handy tip! The social media stickers are actually really cute whilst helpful :) I normally just jot my ideas in a notebook ready to take photos on a weekend :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  5. I love how organised you are! You have a lot of patience, I, personally wish I had that trait! Very inspirational however, fantastic photos, thank you for sharing love!


  6. This is such a good idea! I'm currently having a little bit of difficulty coming up with new post ideas, but I feel like if I had something like this to write any I do think of down in an organized way it would seem a lot less daunting!

    Kelsey | Beauty by Kelsey

  7. So, so organised! I love your little social media stickers so much.

  8. I like how you have all the tick boxes - I need to do this for the writing and photos elements for definite! I'm quite bad for having a number of posts sat in draft at different stages and I forget where I'm at with them!! xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  9. I'm trying to become more organised than this, but it's sometimes so difficult balancing my university course, sport and my social life with spending a little extra bit of time planning things. I think I'm more of a spontaneous, spur of the moment kind of girl!
    - Jem
    Jem's Blog


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