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Let's Chat!

My blog has grown a lot in readership the past few weeks and I'm beyond thankful for all the new readers joining the lovely community that reads Microscope Beauty. I love blogging for you guys, but would love to get to know you better! I'd love to hear about why you started reading blogs, if you blog, what makeup you love, and anything else you want to share! I can't wait to know more about my lovely readers!

Also feel free to share what blog posts you'd like to see on Microscope Beauty or what blog posts are your favorite to read! I want to make sure Microscope Beauty is just as much your place as it is mine!

xoxo Kayla


  1. Hello! :) I love to blog about sooooo many things and I'm planning on blogging more about books :)
    -Olivia xxx

    1. I wish I had the time to blog about books! I love reading reviews and book blogs are downright amazing, but a gal can only do so much!

  2. Hello! I'm a new reader, and I've really been enjoying your blog (and youtube channel!). I like reading about what products you're currently love and reviews. They're so helpful!

  3. Hey Kayla, I'm a new reader and have loved reading your posts! I work full-time as well and would love to see some posts on time management or how you are able to work full-time and still produce as great much content as you do. Any tips would be helpful! I would also love to see some posts on blogging tips or great online tools you utilize that make blogging easier. I just started up my blog a couple months ago and to say the journey has been overwhelming would be an understatement haha. I am loving it, but would it would be great to hear what online tools or programs you recommend. Looking forward to reading your future posts!

    xoxo Nicole

    1. Hey Nicole! Blogging and working full time definitely gets difficult, and I'd love to write posts about how I manage it all. Great suggestions that I've already written down!

  4. I started my blog on a whim! It's because I'm currently an "unemployed" graduate (I'm not proud of this but i don't find it shameful to tell everyone! haha!) and with just a normal 'pocket-money' job right now, other than spending my entire time on my own interests, one night, I decided I should write about this! And myself! Like... I'm a new blogger and new to blog reading! (It was originally a hassle! Lol!) But I grew to love the challenges to blog writing and I really enjoy reading blog posts now! I don't really know why I picked up such an interest when I keep myself busy enough already! It also helps me gain new knowledge! I mean I learn new things everyday and gives me more courage to be myself! Looks like I gained more confidence before going to job interviews!

    I love all your blog posts! And I read your 'How I plan for my blog' post (some name like that?! Sorry, I don't really remember) and I'm actually using the exact same method, hopefully to keep blog writing more organised but I don't plan to post everyday haha! Just getting it organised and consistent! Thank you very much for sharing your posts! There are very helpful and I also like your beauty posts too :)

    I believe my blog is not targeted at a specific audience but if I am writing my blog to an audience about 'Be Myself', then I'd say my blog pretty much defines who I am - an escaper of reality! There isn't much to it right now, but if I am able to keep it consistent, I believe I'll love my life a whole lot more than I already do! - I love my life too much already and enjoying it even more is a pure bonus!

    Sorry for such a long comment - you said 'tell me about you' and it kind of switched me on! haha :D And you can tell by such a long comment that I'm very nosy and curious hence my blog has many themes! And I really like your neat handwriting haha :D

  5. Hey Nicole! Thanks for sharing so much! I fell into blogging the same way you did. When I look back at my first posts it's like...what was I even trying to achieve!? My lifestyle blog now is very much a place for anything and everything I feel like writing about, but I love having Microscope Beauty to rant about my love of beauty bits! Keep up the blogging!


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