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Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paints

When I stumbled upon the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paints in the drugstore aisle a few weeks ago I couldn't get them into my basket fast enough. I resisted the urge to buy them all and picked up "Rich Russet" and "Pomegranate." They seemed like the perfect lazy girl's tool for an easy makeup look. I've used them for a few weeks and am diligently reporting back my findings. Buckle up for a mixed review.

The packaging and applicator are great. It's sort of a spongy tip but remains firm when brushed across the lids. There is plenty of product in the tubes so these will last you for quite a while. The pigmentation is fantastic and they last all day without fading.

Yet I find that I still haven't figured out the best way to apply them. At first I just swept a little of the product on my lids and then blending out with my fingers, but the results were faint and not as pigmented as I wanted. I then tried using the applicator to brush the product all over my lid. It provided a much more pigmented result, but the product felt quite wet and I worried it wasn't fully dry when I wanted to move on to my next step. It oddly enough felt wet on the lids, but I couldn't seem to blend out the sharp line well. So it was wet yet dry at the same time. I took a brush and went at it for a while and managed to get a decent blend in the end. I love the way it looked after all was said and done, but the process was less than ideal.

If you have time and energy to spend with this product to get it just right, you won't be disappointed. It has some serious pigmentation and staying power. But as a lazy girl's best friend it doesn't get a passing grade. I'll definitely keep using them and recommend them to friends, but won't be bringing them out on mornings I'm running late.

Have you tried these yet? What are your thoughts?

xoxo Kayla


  1. I used to love Rich Russet but for some reason I get like no pigmentation from it anymore... I love that pomegranate colour though, I've never seen it before!!

  2. The Maybelline Colour Tattoo has a shade exactly like 'Pomegranate' and I love it so much! I haven't actually seen these around though, but there's something about the fact that they resemble a lipgloss tube that doesn't quite appeal to me.
    - Jem
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  3. i've heard so many good things about these, but trouble with blending has put me off a bit haha - i need low maintenance makeup for day to day, great post though!

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  4. I love the shade Rich Russet. I apply with the applicator and then blend out with my fingers, but I agree it does make the colour fainter. I add another thin layer and that works for me, though like you said not great in a rush xx

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