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Where I Get My Stationery

I try as best I can to be minimalist when it comes to material possessions, but I can't say no to some good stationery. If I feel like I'm not alone in this constant need for more paper goods so I thought I'd round up my favorite places to buy stationery supplies!

  • Target's Dollar Spot is a mecca for stationery goodies. I swear I go a couple of times a week just to peek at their dollar section to see if they've put out anything new. Their Valentine's stuff is the best I've seen to date and I'm already getting excited to see what is in store for St. Patrick's Day. Their actual stationery section is also amazing if you're looking for something particular or want a set of cards.
  • Rifle Paper Co is a must for the beauty blogger. It's like if you don't own the set of Botanical Journals and use them occasionally in blog photos then you aren't a real beauty blogger. I'm sure that's not really the case, but they're the perfect little journals to add to photography, make your desk prettier, and to just cheer a girl up. The hilarious thing is I actually haven't written in any of the ones I own. I use them strictly for blog photos.
  • Paper Source is one of those stores that I don't shop at often, but I when I do I leave with a huge haul of stationery goodies. They also have an amazing selection of home-ware and gifts. I have to stop myself almost daily from buying the entire doughnut collection.
  • Etsy is filled with different shops that are selling some seriously amazing paper goods at reasonable prices. I recently discovered this shop from the Netherlands that sells downright adorable sticky note sets. I may have scooped up a bunch of them to decorate my planner with...a haul is imminent.
I would love to hear your favorite places to scoop up stationery as I'm always looking for an excuse to buy more! Do you hoard stationery like I do? What do you use those adorable little journals for?

xoxo Kayla


  1. The dollar spot at target really is an awesome place for stuff like this! And it's a dollar so who can pass it up!

  2. Have you heard of They have an amazing selection of cute Asian stationery!

  3. i love rifle paper co products and its so true once you buy them you can help but include them in your blog photos they are too pretty not too
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