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A Foot Ahead

For over 10 years of my younger days I swam competitively all year round. For hours a day I was working my ass of in a pool. After spending years on pool decks and going from practice to practice, socks became my enemy. They felt like little prisons on my feet. It's only been recently that I've started to become more friendly toward them and these socks from Kushyfoot are definitely helping the process. Buckle your seat belts because we're going to get seriously in depth about socks here...

Let's start with the non-sock related item as it's my particular favorite of the bunch. The Fleecy Leopard Print Flats to Go aren't normally my style, but I'm obsessed. These flats can be rolled up and easily put into purses to switch into on nights when my feet are just not digging the heels. They're incredibly comfortable and I love knowing that I have some relief tucked into my handbag if I need it. The print isn't normally by style, but maybe I just never gave leopard print an honest shot before!

The thing I like most about Kushyfoot socks is the extra padding around the heel. I'm one to constantly get blisters whenever I wear anything besides flip flops or moccasins. It's a great little addition that I never knew I needed in a sock.

The Sport Cotton Foot Cover socks are great for casual sock wearing days (you know the ones). They still have that nice padding on the heel, but are lower and can be hidden in shoes. The Low Cut Cushion Tab Back Socks scream working out (and I scream back, "please no!") and I know if I wasn't such a busy worker bee I'd be using them a lot at the gym. They're thick without being too thick that you're feet will get hot in seconds. 

Finally you've heard me rant about their Yoga Socks quite a few times now and I still can't get enough. Another product I didn't know I really needed until they entered my life, these really help to keep me planted on the yoga mat and not falling all over the place. I going to need at least three more pairs of these babies.

What do you look for when you're purchasing socks? Do you not really enjoy socks like me or can't live a day without them?

xoxo Kayla

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  1. In the winter I wear socks a lot because my feet are like ice. But when summer rolls around it's always bare feet for me! I love the socks you chose - I'll have to remember these!


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