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How to Create New Content without New Products

Beauty blogging can definitely get expensive if you aren't careful. I went through a phase where I had to have all the new releases and be one of the first to blog about them; my wallet was limping. I thought I needed new products in order to keep creating content, but I couldn't have been more wrong. In an effort to become more minimalist in my life I've cut down beauty spending to practically zero, yet still post five times a week. So here are my tips, tricks, and advice on how to create new content without having to constantly purchase new products.

  • Shop your stash for items you haven't used in a while. Write about why you haven't used them, if they're a rediscovery, or have a makeup clean-out and blog about it.
  • Go through your blog archives and see if there are any posts you can follow up on. Maybe you had a favorites post full of products you no longer love. Write about how your tastes have changed. Maybe there's a series you've been starting and you didn't even know it!
  • Throw in some lifestyle to not only add variety, but beef up the content for your blog. Plus who wouldn't want to see a delicious meal out or an outfit of the day.
  • Talk to your beauty friends and write features about what's in their makeup bags. Just because you can't afford new products doesn't mean you can't snoop in someone else's stash and find new products there!
  • Write advice or how-to posts about photography, updating your blog design, or anything you know a lot about. I know I'd personally love to read more craft diy's!
  • Approach your products differently. It's easy to get into a posting rut if you read a lot of blogs and subconsciously fall into a routine. I know I can sometimes fall into the favorites post and new products post rut, but if you try to approach your makeup stash differently you'll find a lot more posts just waiting to be written about. Is there a particular color you seem to have a lot of? What products do you use for a dewy look? Do you seem to have way more lipsticks than lip glosses? If I'm ever stuck I just stare at my beauty drawer and something will pop into my head within minutes.
  • Think about your beauty routines and how you can write about them in a clever way. What beauty things do you do each hour of the day? Do you have a five step skincare routine? 
  • Talk about what you aren't good at. The beauty world is filled with some seriously knowledgeable people and I know I always want to appear like I've got it all figured out. Yet when it comes to contouring I am downright terrible. Talk about the beauty things you aren't good at or what you'd like to know more about. Your readers will love to see that you aren't a beauty expert and they can also provide you with tips and tricks in return!
  • Read blogs that aren't beauty related to add some variety to your life. You'll find  yourself getting inspired by a recipe or a home decor post rather than feeling the urge to write beauty posts that have already been done.
Like I say at the end of all my advice blog posts, don't stress too much! Your blog is your place to create whatever community and reader experience you want. It doesn't have to be about new products all the time unless that's the direction you want it to go. Keep your blog's focus in mind and you shouldn't have a problem!

How do you create content without spending a lot of money on new products?

xoxo Kayla


  1. Love this! You're so right :) Usually fotds and favourites posts save me as I don't have the time to post as frequently as I'd like (and this makes for a overflow of ideas), but you're totally right about not feeling the pressure of blogging about the new big thing xx

    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty

  2. Great tips!
    thx for sharing xx

  3. Great post! I really think that bloggers shouldn't feel pressure to buy products just for blog content - there are soooo many things you can write about if you start brainstorming :) x

    One Little Vice - UK Beauty Blog

  4. I think there should be more posts like this on the internet. It's so hard to not fall into the rut of feeling like you have to buy new products or no-one will read your blog!
    Coleoftheball xx

  5. This is lovely and I agree. I'm putting a back burner on beauty blogging and focus on fashion but it's still the same but I do enjoy it. I'll be using these tips though.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  6. These are such great tips! I was starting to fall into the habit of buying new products to blog about. I'm definitely going to try looking at my collection differently to come up with some ideas!

    Kelsey | Beauty by Kelsey

  7. Great post lovely. And I always find so much inspiration going though my archives!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. Thanks for sharing this post Kayla! You offered so many great tips I will definitely be using. When I started blogging I felt like I had to rush out and buy all the newest products too, but it's important to remember we can create content with what we already have.

    xoxo Nicole

  9. Wonderful post! I agree with looking at what you already own to write a post. I always think just because I have this product doesn't mean that someone else does and maybe they want to know more about it. Also my favorite things to write about when I am stuck is DIY beauty products. I go into my kitchen and stare at my fridge and cabinets and within minutes I have created a homemade skincare or haircare product. Those are always fun to write :-)




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