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Stila in the Moment Palette

It's common knowledge that my love for the Stila in the Light palette knows no bounds, but there's a new Stila palette in my life these days that is getting cozy with in the Light as one of my favorite palettes. I recently picked up the Stila in the Moment palette after seeing it for half off on the Stila website (it's still on sale now!). I had wanted to pick it up for a while to see if Stila could do it again, and they definitely delivered.

This palette is a lot heavier on the purples, which I'm all for. I like to experiment with color on occasion and palettes that have some colorful shades mixed in with the neutrals help me feel like I'm being adventurous, but not going too crazy. There's a shimmery gold shade "Spontaneous" that gives a nod to "Kitten," but my personal favorites are "Wonder" and "Whim." I love the pink shimmer of "Wonder" and "Whim" is the perfect outer corner color when I don't want to go too crazy (these both are on my lids as well as "Spontaneous" and a touch of "Captivate"). 

I love that Stila palettes come with my favorite eye liners. This one comes with a purple shade in "Tetro" and won't be getting too much use, but I love having a purple option in my collection.

Ultimately I don't think this palette is better that in the Light, but the shadows are the same great quality, they last all day, and I love the range that in the Moment has to offer. It doesn't have a mirror which is a big negative in my book seeing as the In the Light mirror is my most used palette mirror of all time. A palette feels silly without a mirror. It's a great palette if you're looking for something safe, but still a little bit different. Not to mention the price can't be beat.

Have you tried any of the Stila palettes?

xoxo Kayla

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  1. Looks so pretty!
    I really want more by stila!


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