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Project Use It Up

With a beauty stash (read: horde) like mine it's important that I use at least a few products up every month. When I start to scrape the bottom of a tube I feel an odd sense of pride. Like I finally used one particular product long enough to make an actual dent in it. Although not many, there are a few products I am keen on finishing up in the next few weeks. Enter Project Use It Up.

The Stila One Step Correct is probably my most repurchased and most used product in my entire makeup collection. I think this is bottle is my fourth one. A daily staple in my makeup routine this will be used up in no time at all. 

Another product I won't have any trouble finishing up is The Body Shop's Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. This bottle has lasted me ages and is by far my favorite toner. It gets any remaining dirt off my face while being refreshing and gentle on my sensitive cheeks. I'm sure I'll be placing a Body Shop order as soon as I run out of this.

When I realized I only had a tiny nub left to my Chella Dazzling Dark Brown Brow Pencil I felt a little sadder than I think is socially acceptable. Another most used product I never thought I'd reach the end of this creamy, perfect shade pencil. I'm not sure if I'll repurchase it when it finally kicks the can, but it's been a good ride.

One product I'll be happy to see go is the Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Mascara. I am definitely not a fan of this and have to actively make myself use it in order to not waste a somewhat pricey mascara. It just doesn't suit my lashes like it does for a lot of other people.

I've already purchased a back up to my new found love, the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment. The best hair product for my stubborn hair I've ever found, I have to have a replacement of this as soon as I use the last drop of my first bottle. I've ranted on about this quite a lot, but it's worth checking out.

Finally I'm scraping the sides of my Bobbi Brown Corrector and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic about it. This was one of the first high end products (if not the first) and it's crazy to see how far I've come in the beauty world. I have another back up ready in the wings as I love to use this on my under eyes every morning. I'm in the shade "Light Bisque" and it provides just the right amount of coverage while still looking natural. 

Are there any products in your stash that you need to use up? Are you going to join Project Use It Up and help declutter your beauty collection just in time for spring?

xoxo Kayla


  1. I don't have a huge beauty or skincare collection but I tend to have multiple things opened at once ie. Foundations, powders, lip product. So I just decided to try hard to use up open products and do a Trash Talk and Thoughts post once I'd collected a few. Here is my first one:
    I was so encouraged to read your post on your empties and look forward to reading more of them! :)

    1. I'm terrible at having a ton of products open at one time. The downfall of being a beauty blogger I guess! I'll definitely check your post out ( :

  2. I haven't tried their toner but I need to! Love hearing about your favorite products!

  3. I found using products up so satisfying so this was a very cathartic blog post to read.
    I'm trying to circulate my collection and am loving hitting pan on some of my favourite products!
    Great post.
    Leanne xx

  4. I bounce back and forth between products so often that it takes me so long to use anything up! The only time I'm motivated to finish up a product is if I've already planned to try something new once it's done - I'm determined to finish my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer soon so I can get the NARS one!

    Kelsey | Beauty by Kelsey

  5. I'm thinking about doing that project, too! Ordered the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day ages ago, but unfortunately hasn't gotten to me yet. Great post!

  6. Such a good idea, and I really should do this. And if I lived nearer I would take the mascara out your hands!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. The Bobbi Brown corrector is something I haven been meaning to try forever.

  8. I don't think I have anything I really need to use up but I have a few things I want to get rid of and give to friends and family because they're just laying there doing nothing, and I've been thinking to do a post about it ;) xx
    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty


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